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A Collection of photographs of classic computers, consoles, handhelds and magazines from Atari to ZX81
Here be Commodore Computers. Be in Awe.
A collection of computers and other products have a look at, Gravestone Rubbing Laws - Part One by Commodore Business Machines maintained by Bo Zimmerman.
Uncle Roger's Classic Computer Resources
A collection of links to computer history resources for researchers.
A collection of obsolete computers, with photographs and technical specifications.
Obscure Pixels
A collection of old computers and game consoles.
Kevan's Computer Bits - My Computer Collection
A collection of old computers, calculators, video games and peripherals
The Home Computer Hall of Fame
A collection of photographs, technical specifications, and other information why not visit, Embroidery Classification about a variety of old computer systems.
OCM: Home
A large collection of obsolete computers. Includes photographs and a 'Help Line' for questions and answers.
Carl Friend's Computer Collection
A private collection of calculating machines, from slide rules to microcomputers and workstations, with photographs and descriptions.
Classic Computer and Gaming Show (CCAG)
An annual have a look at, Collectible Insulators trade show featuring old computers and video games, for collectors and enthusiasts.
information about the Sharp MZ-40K, MZ-80, MZ-700, MZ-800, MZ-3500, MZ-5600
Detailed information , Thunder Tiger RC Cars about the Sharp MZ-40K, MZ-80K, MZ-80A, MZ-80B, MZ-700, MZ-800, MZ-3500, MZ-5600
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection includes such classic systems as Kenbak-1, Apple ][, Apple III, Atari 800, Atari 400, Mits Altair 8800, MITS Altair 8800BT, IMSAI 8080, Processor Technology Sol-20, Osborne 1, Telcon Zorba, Kaypro, Hewlet Packar...
The Trailing Edge
Features a collection of 'rehabilitated' computer systems and want list.
Computer Museum
Fee Computer Services provide cost effective computer maintenance and sevices to IBM users throughout the United Kingdom
A Computer Collectors Site
Information about how to also look at, Meet Your Deadlines With Reliable Assignment Writing Australia collect old computers, and help with reading and converting old disk formats.
Peter's Sun3 Zoo
Peter's Sun3 Zoo
Classic Computer Rescue Squad
Subscribe to a classic computer discussion group, or join the Classic Computer Rescue checkout, Blacksmithing Tools Squad. Some links to vintage computer resources.
VCFe 8.0 - Vintage Computer Festival Europe
The VCFe is a meeting of people who still have fun playing around with now obsolete computers. It takes place also look at, RC Kits in Munich, Germany at the 27th and 28th of April 2002.
Computer History Association of California (CHAC)
The history of computing in California, the magazine we publish about it, and the museum we're creating to display it. Links to computer history resources worldwide. also see, Kite Materials
Bryan's Old Computers
This is my collection of rare and antique computers, and some that are just old.
The Virtual Museum of Computing
This virtual museum includes an eclectic collection of WWW hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and on-line computer-based exhibits available both locally and around the world.
Jim's Computer Garage (museum)
Virtual Computer Museum of Classic Systems and Related Peripherals
Mind Machine Museum
Web museum of vintage computers, calculators, video games, and artifacts

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