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Electronic Calculator History and Technology Museum
Preserving the history of electronic calculators with information checkout, Home Improvement Projects and photographs of early desktop and pocket calculators.
Mechanical Calculators
The private collection of the Dutch collector Nico Baaijens of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic counting, adding and calculating machines. Many pictures and close-ups.
Information and lists of vintage and classic calculators, primarily Hewlett-Packard and Texas Instruments.
Texas Instruments 59 , Dejan Ristanovic,
Soviet Calculators History
Article about the history of the development of Soviet calculators, the features try, Marble Chocolate Cake and interesting characteristics of the most relevant models are described.
Curta Calculators
curta calculator
Gregory Escov's homepage
Gregory Escov's homepage; for now it contains a few mini-articles about Soviet programmable micro-calculators
Vintage Calculators
An A-Z index of manufacturers, also see, Meet Your Deadlines With Reliable Assignment Writing Australia with product consider, Diecast Toys photographs, and a timeline of model releases.
Vintage programmable calculators
Technical information try, ESM RC Models about hardware, also look at, Adventure Kids Birthday Cakes interfacing, and programming of this vintage device. Includes a construction project for a storage device to emulate the original FA-3 cassette interface.
A collection of information checkout, RC Fuel Tanks about HP, TI and Curta calculators. Includes articles and many related links.
Serge Devidts' collection of vintage electronic calculators and some other pieces of old technology.
Collecting and using HP Hewlett-Packard Calculators. Special Financial features , RC Electric Outdoor Aerobatics and limits, and how to , Robosapien V2 bypass them.
Calculators' Pages
A collection of early mechanical calculating machines and other calculating devices.

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