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Beginner Astronomy
Beginner Astronomy
Starjunkie Home , Amateur Astronomy , Astrophotography , News
Welcome to, the online try, Collectible Newspapers amateur astronomy site. Please feel free to look around and if you feel like it, drop us a line...
Gary & Jake - Sidewalk Astronomy for The People of Mill Valley
Gary & Jake - Two guys who take their telescopes out on the streets of Mill Valley, CA.
Jason's Backyard Astro
Image galleries, information, checkout, Tombstone Rubbing - Gravestone Rubbing and links.
Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer
Curious About Astronomy? Astronomers at Cornell University will answer your questions. Contains an extensive archive of previous questions, astronomy-related links and more.
Sundial experiments in Isan
Sundial experiments in Isan (Thailand) and research on orientations ancient Khmer temples and eventual significanse in relation to archaeoastronomy
Astronomical Observatory Plomin Croatia - Istria
Plominsko Zagorje Observatory - visual and CCD photometry of Variable Stars, classic and digital astrophotography, popularization of astronomy
the @stro pages - astronomy and space for the amateur
astronomy and space news, links, articles, photos, tutorials, telescope making, polls, screensavers, and discussion groups for the amateur - professionals welcome too!

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