Types of Robots

Types of Robots

A robot is a mechanical device that acts as a virtual machine. The word robot can include both physical machine and virtual software. But the later is generally referred to as bots. Various types of robots are in use today like: industrial robots, entertainment robots, robots use in space, toy robots, agricultural robots, and domestic checkout, Gold Jewellery robots etc.

The Various types of robots can be categorized on the basis of:

- Degree of autonomy
- Industry or field where used
- Goal they are designed to fulfill

Various types of robots on the basis of Degree of Autonomy:

- Stationary: These robots remain fixed in one place. why not visit, RC Scale Gliders Some of the robots that fall consider, Hexapod Robots under this category includes: robotic arm, computerized machines and industrial robots.
- Ground: These robots are mobile i.e. can move from one place try, RC Quadcopter Controllers to other. They can be sub divided on the basis of their drive train: wheels, tacks and legs.
- Underwater: These robots are designed to operate underwater. They are also called Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
- Aerial: Also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, this category includes robotic flying machines.
- Microgravity: They include robots designed to operate in low-gravity environments, checkout, Sea Kayaking - Touring Kayak such as earth also look at, Drawing Dragons orbit.

Various types of robots on the basis of Industry or field where used:

- Industrial Robots: Lots of industries use robots today for jobs that need endurance, speed, accuracy and reliability. Robots are also used by companies like IBM to pick very small electric try, DIY Bathroom Floor Tiles components from trays and precisely place have a look at, Link Footer them on printed circuit boards.
- Agricultural Robots: Most of the agricultural robots are still in design look at, Capoeira phase. But still there are robots available today that help humans in agricultural sector.
- Telerobots: They are automated robots, operated with the help of distant operator and used for work that is hazardous or inaccessible to humans. For example: robots used in nuclear power plants also look at, Collage Creator or for dismantling bombs.
- Service Robots: They consist of robots used outside also look at, Kite Kits of an industrial field. They include robots used either for domestic consider, DIY Bathroom Floor Tiles help or robots used for military use.
- Mobile Robots: Also known as AGV's or Automated Guided Vecghicles, these robots are not stationary at one place. have a look at, Mini RC Robots They are generally used at places why not visit, Crimean War Reenactments like hospitals, warehouses and container ports to transport material.

Various types of robots on the basis of Goal they are designed to fulfill. Robots are also categorized sometimes on the basis of goals for which they are designed. This includes:

- Contest
- Personal Enrichment
- Manufacturing
- Entertainment

The various different types of robots find different uses depending upon the kind of industry and the purpose for which they are built.

Autonomous Robots

    Cleaning Robots

      Dancing Robots

        Famous Robots

          Fanuc Robots - Fanuc Robotics

            Female Robots

              Fighting Robots

                Flying Robots

                  Hexapod Robots

                    Home Robots

                      Human Robots

                        Humanoid Robots

                          Japanese Robots

                            Military Robots

                              Mobile Robots

                                Personal Robot

                                  RC - Radio Controlled Robots

                                    RC Remote Control Robots

                                      Rumble Robots

                                        Sci-fi Robots

                                          Small and Mini Robots

                                            Space Robots

                                              Walking Robots

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