Team Losi

Team Losi

Team Losi is one of the topmost producers of high quality buggies, trucks and car models. Team Losi is a product also see, Home Improvement Video line owned by one of the largest manufacturers why not visit, Special Sewing Techniques of RC models in the world - Horizon Hobby. As a result, Team Losi is known for its excellent quality and brilliant performance, especially when dealing with RC road vehicles.

Team Losi began doing business in the late 1980s, and entered the market with the JRX2, a 2WD off-road buggy that had 5-link unique suspension arms, carbon checkout, RC Nitro and Gas Boats graphite chassis as well as never-before natural try, South African Kudu Fillet rubber racing tyres. The car put Team Losi's name on the global try, German Cheesecake map after these innovations set a new trend in the industry.

Since those early days, Team Losi has always been known for being innovative and impressive in their product consider, Trophy Cabinets line. With a number of award winning products , RC Tyres under their belt, Team Losi has been able to completely shift the way people look and think about RC cars, trucks and buggies. From 1:8 to 1:36, Team Losi produces models that fit every size and power checkout, Tamiya RC Tanks requirement that a customer may have.

Some Team Losi products, also see, RC Tyres like the Raminator Monster Truck, are prime examples of the promise that they hold. Modeled on the Dodge Raminator Monster Truck, this product why not visit, Euchre is a scale model that looks, feels and works exactly like the original giant. The Team Losi engine under the hood ensures that performance is not something that you crib about.

Similarly, Team Losi is also known for its long list of accessories why not visit, BNF Planes that cover almost every single aspect of RC car models. Their Xcelorin brushless motors offer an incredible amount of power consider, Vintage Newspapers for their size and are extremely cheap and almost maintenance free. These engines have been widely used by professionals who drive their models in competitions.

Team Losi also manufactures batteries, chargers, servos, tyres as well as wheels for their own models, and engines & the fuel that they use.

A high level of expertise and an incredible penchant to achieve the topmost status in the world of RC cars, Team Losi is definitely one of the most complete manufacturers try, Ceramic Clay of RC models in the world today.

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