Stratego is strategic board game, which is played on a board with ten rows containing ten equal squares in each of them. Armed with 40 pieces each, players can win a game of Stratego only by capturing the opponent's flag. Though, this game is played worldwide, also see, Doll Making Games it is especially popular in countries checkout, BNF Planes like Germany, Holland and Belgium. These countries , Kite Aerial Photography - KAP also host many Stratego championships and competitions of on a regular basis.

The History of Stratego

Stratego is related to an old game called Jungle that was played in China, and the board of Jungle, was very similar to the one used in Stratego. Invented by Mr. Mogendorff, who was probably inspired by another game called the L Attaque, which was invented in France by Madam Hermance Edan, the earlier versions of this game were a little different from the Stratego, we play today.  The present version of this game emerged some time in the early nineteenth century, right before the First World War. The game slowly picked up and became extremely popular in countries look at, Collectible Dolls like Canada, United States of America, Sweden, and Germany.

Stratego is played on a board with characters made out of wood checkout, Finishing in Jewellery Making or cardboard. The traditional characters were made of cardboard, but later wooden also see, Kite Aerial Photography - KAP characters became prevalent, which were eventually replaced by plastic also look at, D link Support Number Australia 1 800 987 893 characters during the 1960s. It was around this time, that this game was introduced in America where attained instant popularity, thanks to its Star Wars and “Lord of the Rings” variants. These variants gave the classic game of Stratego a whole new twist. The pieces used in these games actually looked like the characters in the stories. Soon the pieces of Stratego became a collector's item. After the introduction of the electronic version of Stratego in 1982, there were many changes , RC Sailplanes in the game.

The main objective of Stratego is very similar to Chess. There are two sides with different colors consider, Sugar Free Banana Crumpet Muffins for each side, red and blue, try, Digital Night Photography and every piece has a different rank. Both players take turns in moving their pieces and the motive here is to put your piece in a square that is occupied by a lower rank piece of your opponent. If you place try, Bat Mobile Diecast your piece in square that is occupied by a higher rank piece then it will be your piece that gets eliminated from the game.

Simple rules, coupled with interesting gameplay is what Stratego is all about.

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