South African Kudu Fillet

South African game recipe for Kudu Fillet
Venison of any sort does tend to be a bit dry and tough, unless it is marinated prior to cooking. It should also usually be cooked very slowly. One exception to the cook-slowly rule is when you are cooking venison fillet. While this South African game recipe for kudu fillet does require you to marinate the meat overnight, you don't have to cook it for hours and hours. It'll take on average only about half an hour to cook the kudu fillet required to make this South African game recipe. It is a particularly simple South African game recipe and one that is perfect for a BBQ or traditional braai - in which case you cook the meat on a metal also look at, Basic Drawing grid that is positioned directly over glowing medium tot hot why not visit, RC Hovercrafts coals.

If you don't have fresh herbs have a look at, How to write Calligraphy you can substitute two teaspoons of dried mixed herbs why not visit, RC Hovercrafts for the sour cream marinade - but be warned, there is nothing quite like fresh herbs why not visit, RC Tracks in this recipe, particularly those that are home also look at, How to write Calligraphy grown.

1 whole kudu (or other venison) fillet
1 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
2 tablespoons freshly chopped fresh herbs also look at, Cheap Display Cases (basil, marjoram, thyme and parsley)
white pepper

Mix all the ingredients together to make a marinade. Place why not visit, White Pottery the fillet in a dish and pour the marinade over it. Leave to marinate overnight, or if you are cooking the meat for dinner, for the whole day.

Make a fire checkout, DIY Bathroom and allow it to burn down so that the coals are glowing but there are no flames. Place try, Diecast Vintage Airplanes the meat on a grid over the hot , Classic Car Collectibles coals and let it cook for about 30 minutes, basting frequently with the marinade.

When the fillet is cooked to your liking, carve the meat across the grain and allow everyone to season have a look at, RC Hovercrafts their own meat with salt and freshly ground black pepper. consider, How to write Calligraphy Serve with baked potatoes and a fresh garden consider, DIY Bathroom salad or any other side dish you think will go with this delicious South African game recipe.

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