South African game recipe for spiced Springbok

This South African game recipe for spiced springbok and butternut was made famous by Franck Dangereux, co-owner of The Foodbarn in Noordhoek, and previously chief chef at one of Cape Town's top restaurants, La Colombe in the world renowned Constantia Valley. It is one of his own inventions, spurred by his love of Cape Malay spices normally used in bobotie - specifically cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. He uses this South African game recipe on the restaurant menu and it is one of the top sellers. Of course if you don't live in South Africa, you are probably going to find it extremely difficult to source springbok. However you can substitute this with venison of any type. This South African game recipe also includes butternut, a smooth-skinned, sweet pumpkin-type of vegetable checkout, Digital Camera Software that is widely available in that country. try, Home Improvement Center If you can't find butternut, use pumpkin instead, but try to avoid the watery varieties.

1 medium saddle of sprinkbok, deboned, fat and sinew removed
olive oil for frying
100 ml honey
75 ml lemon juice
75 ml orange juice
500 ml venison stock
2.5 ml ground ginger
2.5 ml ground cinnamon
2.5 ml ground nutmeg
2.5 ml ground cloves
2 star anise
150 g butter
salt and freshly ground black pepper checkout, CB Radio Scanner to taste
2 small butternuts
200 ml water
30 ml sugar
50 g butter
24 skinless grapefruit or orange segments
small bunch of snipped chives
a few sprigs chervil

To make the venison stock you will need to roast the springbok bones in a hot why not visit, Commercial Clean Group - Gold Coast oven until they are golden brown. Then, using a very large pot, consider, Bond Cleaners Sunshine Coast - Cleaning fry a large chopped carrot, a large coarsely chopped onion, a large stick of celery, also coarsely chopped, and a small head of garlic cut in half horizontally in about 60 ml of olive oil. Add 5 litres of water, , Geofiction and History 200 ml red wine and 30 ml of tomato have a look at, Diecast Jet Airplanes purée. Bring to the boil and then simmer gently for about eight hours. You can add a little more water also see, Blacksmith Tools as the liquid reduces and thickens. Strain through a fine sieve and return to the heat try, RC Military Planes until it reduces by two-thirds. This should make about 1.5 litres of stock. Allow to cool and then skim the fat off the surface. Store what you don't need in the refrigerator.

To make the sauce, place also look at, Wall Mounted Display Cases the honey in a saucepan and allow it to caramelize until brown. Deglaze with the fruit also see, RC Sport Planes juice and cook for ten minutes. Add the venison stock and spices, and reduce by a third. Whisk in the butter and season. have a look at, Water Gardening Set aside.

To prepare the butternut, peel, cut in half and remove the pips. If you have a vegetable garden, , Brooches in Jewellery Making try throwing the pips into the garden; they grow why not visit, Brooches in Jewellery Making surprisingly easily. Cut the butternut flesh into large cubes and boil covered in the water try, RC Boat Propeller with the salt and sugar. When the butternut is almost soft, remove the lid and continue cooking until all the water look at, Model Train Display Cases evaporates. Stir in the butter. Set aside.

Cut each loin of meat into four pieces and season also see, Blacksmith Tools with salt and freshly ground black pepper. consider, RC Helicopters Fry in olive oil in a very hot look at, Home Improvement Center pan. The meat should be crispy on the outside have a look at, Professional Plumbing Services but medium-rare on the inside. why not visit, Home Improvement Center Remove from the pan and allow it to rest for a few minutes before serving.

To serve, place why not visit, Wall Mounted Display Cases a scoop of butternut in the centre of each plate. Slice each piece of meat in three and arrange around the butternut with a fruit consider, Jewellery making Products segment in between each. Pour sauce over the meat and the fruit consider, Geofiction and History and garnish with chives and chervil. Serve potato gratin with this South African game recipe.

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