South African BBQ carpetbagger steaks

South African BBQ recipe for carpetbagger steaks
The carpetbagger or carpetbag steak is recognised internationally as a dish, but this South African BBQ recipe shows you how to checkout, Radio Controlled Monster Trucks cook it on an open fire. also see, Curry Meen Pollichathu or Spicy Fish Curry You get the best of both worlds; the delicious stuffing, and that gorgeous freshly cooked-on-the-fire taste that only a barbecue meal can deliver. The South African BBQ recipe we offer here is true to the original carpetbag recipes used worldwide look at, Boat Building Epoxy and includes both mushrooms and oysters, although you can substituted the oysters for mussels if you prefer. With the addition of both butter and cream, this South African BBQ recipe is not for the fainthearted or those who pretend to be on a diet!

While a restaurant carpetbagger will usually be made with either a fillet or rump steak, you can cheapen this a little by opting for Scotch fillet (also known as rib-eye or prime rib steak) that comes from the rib section of the animal, making it a lot less expensive than true fillet steak, but no less delicious.

The ingredients below are sufficient for four people. You can decide on the weight of the steak suitable for each person.

4 Scotch fillet steaks, 25 mm thick
¼ cup mixed herb consider, Historical Reenactment butter, made by combining a full cup of butter with 4 teaspoons of finely chopped onion, ½ cup fresh chopped herbs also see, Model Train and Railroad Houses and four teaspoons of lemon juice (refrigerate what you don't use)
freshly ground black pepper

for the stuffing
4 teaspoons butter
2 small onions, chopped
200 g mushroom, finely sliced
24 smoked oysters (or mussels)
2 teaspoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons cream
freshly ground black pepper

First make the stuffing by melting the butter either in a saucepan on your stove, in a potjie on the fire, also see, Model Ship Collectibles or on a skottel (or plough disc) over the fire why not visit, Model Ship Collectibles or using a gas , South African BBQ Sosaties canister. Fry the onion until it is almost translucent and then add the mushrooms. Let them mushrooms cook for about five minutes and then add the rest of the stuffing ingredients.

Partially slice each piece of fillet so that you can stuff it, and then fill the incision with stuffing. Use a couple of toothpicks to keep the steak in one piece and then cook over moderate to hot also look at, Collectible Bottle Caps - Crowncaps - Bottle Tops coals for ten to 20 minutes, depending on whether people want their meat rare or medium done.

Top each carpetbagger steak with a knob of butter, and season , Notaphily - Paper Money Collectibles with freshly ground pepper. also look at, In2Performance Serve with any salad consider, Paintball or vegetable checkout, RC Outdoor Aerobatics made using any other suitable South African BBQ recipe.

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