Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil

The Natural also look at, Burgundian Wars of Charles the Bold Reenactments Healing Properties have a look at, CB Radio Mount of this Woody Essential Oil!
Sandalwood oil is extracted from a small evergreen parasitic tree checkout, Sugar free Raspberry Jam Muffins which grows look at, Car Racing in India and can grow , DIY Magazine up to 18 metres in height; it can take up to sixty years for the tree also look at, DIY Bathroom Painting to reach full maturity so it is easy to understand why sandalwood oil is more expensive than some others. It has many therapeutic qualities and has historically been extremely popular for incense but the oil itself has a woody and exotic aroma. Sandalwood oil is distilled by steam from chipped scrapings of wood , Sculpting Exhibitions and it yields about 4-6 % oil.

Sandalwood oil has many qualities which include:

- Relieving bronchial infections and is wonderful for sore throats, chest infections, dry and irritating coughs. Can be used as an effective gargle but be sure to dilute the oil first.
- Relieving any urinary tract infections
- Helps to create a calming environment also look at, Sugar free Raspberry Jam Muffins and to reduce any tension or anxieties which may be experienced. It is very good for the nervous system and can aid meditational practices.
- When used in an aromatherapy diffuser it can have a clear aphrodisiac effect.
- When used in creams or lotions, it has a wonderful healing effect on dry skin or sensitive and sore skin. Sandalwood oil has wonderful moisturizing properties try, Model House Materials making it ideal for use as an anti-aging skin care treatment.

Sandalwood oil is renowned for its positive effect on a number of psychological problems and indeed physical problems. Used in a burner or vaporiser, it can even help with asthma or nervous tension. If you are interested in purchasing this unique oil, then ensure that the oil is of pure quality, there may be cheaper versions but these would not have the same positive benefits.

It blends well with many other aromatherapy oils such as Black pepper, try, South African game recipe for venison with a German flavour Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh, Ylang-Ylang and Rose. look at, Non Profit Organization Web Design in Australia Because it has such a diverse positive effect on so many different conditions whether of the mind or the body, it makes sense to add Sandalwood oil to your holistic first-aid kit.

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