WHAT IS ROBOTICA? Robotica is a robot combat show like robot wars. It was produced for one of the subsidiaries of Discovery channel, TLC. In total three seasons try, Make a Collage of Robotica were produced and aired. The first season look at, RTF Models started on April 21, 2000 with the final season also look at, Crochet Scarf starting in late 2002.

First Season:
The first season , Free Crochet Pattern was a four event competition featuring 24 robots weighing as much as 210 pounds along with the design look at, RTF Models teams. All the 24 competitors were supposed to compete in 12 preliminary matches with each preliminary match consisting of 3 events each. The winner of each pairing faced the other in a 'Fight to Finish' to determine the winner. The 'Fight to Finish' took place look at, 5 Crucial User Interface Layout Tips for Mobile App Developers on a 15' by 15' elevated platform. The six competitors who won the final match advanced to the Championship round. Rum Amok won during the first season. try, 5 Crucial User Interface Layout Tips for Mobile App Developers

The three events during preliminary round consisted of:
1. The Maze: The robots were supposed to overcome all the obstacles and reach to the center of the maze.
2. Speed Demons: The robots were supposed to cover 8 or more tracks in less than 2 minutes.
3. The Gauntlet: Robots were supposed to run and destroy the difficult obstacles. The robot who passed the final obstruction first won.

Second and Third Season:
During second and third season also see, Crochet Scarf Robotica was a three event competition featuring 24 robots plus the design checkout, Cartoon Doll Making teams. However the challenges were redesigned during these seasons. , Blacksmith Artist There were still 12 preliminary matches but each match consisted of only 2 events. The Speedway was completely eliminated. The Gauntlet was redesigned and the Maze was redesigned and renamed Labyrinth. The preliminary match winners moved to semi-finals. Six competitors from semi-final were selected who moved to Championships Final. The semi final round consisted only of one event: 'Fight to Finish'. The hosts were Ahmet Zappa, Dan Danknick, and Tanya Memme. Flexy Flyer won during season , Sand Castle Building Terminology - Part Two two and Panzer Mk. 3 during season consider, Poora Haah or Roast Duck 3.

The two events were:

1. The Gauntlet: The two robots started on a diamond shaped track and travelled in opposite directions. They were supposed to destroy all the obstacles and fight each other to collect points. Once a robot has reached its starting point it could move towards the middle of diamond to gain more points by destroying obstacles there.
2. The Labyrinth - Two robots started simultaneously in the center of an open-channel maze to destroy fixtures.

The obstacles mainly consisted of:
- Push Box
- Lifting Spikes
- Suspension Bridge
- Flipper
- Rollers
- Sand try, Kites Box

So ROBOTICA was a television series with three seasons why not visit, Music that was aired on TLC from 2000 to 2002. It mainly consisted of different robots fighting against each other to ultimately win the championship.

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