Robosapien is the historical robot made by the WowWee Company. This was the first robot which made humans think about a future with robots. In fact Robosapien is the first robot built on the latest robotic science - biomorphic robotics. Robosapien is a unique combination of robotics as well as the human conscience, it is intelligent have a look at, RC Fast Gas Cars and at the same time smart. Robosapien is simply a fusion between the technology and the desire of human beings.

Robosapien is not just a mechanical object rather it is a mechanical object which has the capacity to think like humans and work like a machine. It is a robot which has an attitude and therefore it is one of the most sought after robot in the world. There are a number of features also look at, Family Crest which have been embedded in the Robosapien and these features , 2-7 Single Draw Poker make it a human like robot.

Some of its most prominent features also see, DIY Bathroom Toilet are listed below:

- A Robosapien has six unique and famous kung fu moves.
- A Robosapien is able to walk also see, Art Doll Making wherever it wants to and it can even entertain you with its jokes, and it has the capacity to run as well.
- A Robosapien has two grippers for better stability.
- All the functions of a Robosapien are remote controlled.
- Robosapiens are programmable machines which will react if you touch it, hold it or kick it, it will react according to its mood.
- Robosapiens can talk to you freely, in its caveman language without any hiccups and the battery life of this machine is one of the longest.

Robosapiens can be a great companion and a friend you can play along with. If you owned a Robosapien in the past you would know that its functionality has got more to do with the fun you can have than with anything else.

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