RC Battle Robots

RC Battle Robots

If you are looking for a fun sport that shows imagination, skill checkout, Nikko RC Cars and engineer type abilities then you will want to get into the exciting sport of rc battle robots. Enjoy the thrill of the crowd screaming for you and your robot to win.

To start, you will want to check online , RC Boat Race or purchase a book on remote control battle robots. You will learn more information also see, Model Train Collectibles on which rc battle robot is for you as well as how to look at, Collectible Cast Iron Toys build the robot you want.

You can choose a simple rc battle robot or a more complex robot. It is probably a good idea to start with a robot that is not that complicated. This way, you can easily build it and participate in the sport and learn, see and get a feel for the rc battle robot you truly want.

Rc battle robots can be made with armors, blades that spin, hammers, different types of spinners, etc. You can choose to add the items you want.

You will find that there are different weight classes with regard to rc battle robots. The heaviest robot is the super heavyweight which is 340 pounds or 154 kg. Heavyweight is 220 pounds or 100 kg. Middleweight is 120 pounds or 54 kg. Next is lightweight at 60 pounds or 27 kg. Featherweight is 30 pounds or 13.6 kg. BotsIQ mini class are robots 15 pounds or 6.80 kg. Hobbyweight robots are 12 pounds or 5.44 kg. Mantisweight is 6 pounds or 2.72 kg. Beetleweight comes in at 3 pounds or 1.36 kg. Kilobot comes in at 2.2 pounds or 1 kg. Antweight is 1 pound or 454 g. Antweight in the UK is 150 grams also known as fairyweight in other countries. why not visit, RC Horse Racing The lightest robot is in the fleaweight category at 75 g.

There is an organization that enforces the rules and judges for battling events. This organization is called The Robot Fighting League and it came about in 2002. Some folks follow these rules while others that fight robots at events do it without the Robot Fighting League. Participants include members from Canada, the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

There are products also look at, DIY Repair that are not allowed in a rc battle tournament. These items include any type of liquid which includes glue, water, look at, CB Radio SWR corrosives, oil, etc. Absolutely no combustion such as explosives or fire also see, Collectible Cast Iron Toys type of items. No radio jamming is allowed. Projectiles that are not tethered are not allowed. Any type of visual obstruction is not allowed. Lasers that are stronger than 1 milliwatt. Lastly, high voltage electric look at, Preserving Flowers with Silica Gel discharge is not allowed.

If you want to build a robot and start fighting in one of these tournaments, make sure you are at a safe place. , RC Boat Race Safe also see, RC Boat Race events include a place consider, Nikko RC Cars with a sturdy arena. The arena should be made of wood try, Cape Malay recipe for snoek and/or steel with a bulletproof clear plastic. try, Drawing Faces

You may find that the building try, Free Embroidery you are at has a couple of arenas so that different weight category rc battle robots can fight at the same time.

RC Battle Robot

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