Protech RC Models

Protech RC Models

Protech RC models are known for a long line of world class RC helicopters, planes and racing cars. Known mainly for their gliders, Protech RC models are a relatively newer company to enter the RC models market and have already created a niche for them. With an excellent reputation for building also see, Beekeeping or Apiculture high quality and reliable RC models, Protech RC models are a lot of fun for hobbyists of all experience and age levels.

Based out of Belgium, Protech RC models are one of the popular brands of RC that are available today. The company is renowned for its models as well as spare parts and has an express delivery system that ensures that you get your spares in the fastest way possible.

All airplanes in the Protech RC models product why not visit, Modern Sculpting range are available as ready-to-fly or almost ready-to-fly versions with electric also see, Doll House Accessories or IC engines.

Ready-to-fly models under the Protech RC models banner include some popular models such as the Cessna 400, a scale model of the real world plane. If you are looking for something to test your flying skills, have a look at, CB Radio Meter then you should go for the Extra 330L, a Styrofoam model that gives the plane a light consider, RC M26 Pershing body as well as a strong enough structure to withstand major pulls and tugs as well as a few crashes.

There are other almost ready-to-fly models that are available in the semi-scale mode such as the F15 Eagle or the Marchetti.

In the helicopter division, Protech RC models have something for everyone with their Helixx series built solely for newcomers to the hobby world and the Zoom series which caters to experienced fliers in the Electric also look at, Korean War Reenactments and IC powered arenas.

Protech RC models have a limited line of products also look at, Korean War Reenactments in the road racing segment with three buggies making up their entire racing range. Each car is built specifically to race on on- and off-road tracks Built-in aluminum shockers, an adjustable heavy duty servo saver as well as a well designed receiver box are just some of the features try, RC Wings that make the Protech RC models one of the smartest deals for you. Almost everything in their buggies are adjustable and with spares available, you can even bring in your own additions to the model.

Although not entirely famous across the world, Protech RC models are certainly quite reliable and easy to use. Their main characteristic remains the resilience and technology that sets them apart from the rest, making Protech RC models popular with RC hobbyists.

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