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Photo Collage = Photomontage

Photo collage, also known as photomontage, is a collage created with photographs. The practice of making a photo collage came into prevalence approximately in the mid 20th century, when it was used to create new photographic units with torn bits of old pictures. Today, you can either make a hand-made photo collage or you can create it using image-editing software.

A photo collage makes for a fun and interesting hobby and all you need are some old or new photographs, a base, a pair of scissors and some glue in order to create it. You can collect photographs of various sizes, old as well as new, or black and white also see, South African BBQ Recipes as well as colored. Old tattered photographs as well as negatives of the photographs can also be part of your collage. Now, choose as a base, a hard paper of any color also look at, Compare Digital Cameras and texture. An enlarged photograph can also be used as a perfect base. Cut out pieces of the photographs you have collected with the scissors and place also see, Start Preserving Flowers them on the collage base first to get an idea of how your collage will look on completion. Now glue each photograph separately to the base or apply a diluted version of the glue on top of the photographs placed on the base. After allowing the collage to dry for some time, you can write or paste decorative pieces on it as well.

A photo collage can also be created digitally, with the help of software such as Picture Collage Maker, Pixel image editor and Adobe Photoshop. These software have various tools also see, Victorian Dolls House to facilitate the creation of beautiful why not visit, Sewing Hobby photo collages with ease. The photos used in a digital photo collage may be digital photos taken by a digital camera, look at, Sugar Free Cake or scanned photographs. Drag and drop the photographs selected on a background of your choice. You can use specific tools consider, Heng Long RC Tank to give your photographs a blurry effect. Apart from this, there are various other tools , Drawn Thread Work to give interesting effects to your collage. After completion, you can even put boundaries or frames surrounding your collage.

Now, that you know the two basic techniques to prepare a photo collage, you can choose any method for your own creation. However, it is worth mentioning that although making digital photo collage is easier, a hand-made photo collage is more creative and fun to make. Decide on the type of photo collage you want to make and start collecting the photographs. You can get some interesting ideas related to the designs try, Free Doll House Plans from the internet. why not visit, Drawn Thread Work Your own creativity is your biggest tool also look at, RC Plans when it comes to making a photo collage.

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