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Geofiction, before the advent of the internet, checkout, Wooden Doll House was a localized hobby - meaning that it was essentially a solo hobby that was pretty much limited by who you knew around you that shared the same interests. Now, there are a ton of geofiction and world-building communities online why not visit, Remote Controlled Boat that serve as info exchanges for this growing have a look at, RC Cars hobby.

Of course, creating your own group is easy; all it really takes is getting people to join. If you don't want to go down that route, though, the resources below are terrific for finding information try, Scale Model House and joining up with a group of fellow geofiction enthusiasts.

Jacmus Prime

Jacmus Prime ( is a website that was originally created to support a text-based RPG played via chat or web why not visit, Life Casting forums. This website is an online consider, k2 asset kodak | k2 management lics | k2 management campbell lics resource for geofiction knowledge and information. have a look at, Compare Digital Cameras It currently features also look at, Easy Cheesecake forums, articles, and members who are willing to collaborate with any fellow geofictioner. You can also build and publish your very own geofiction with the conworld editor provided on the website.

Fantasy WorldBuilder Guide: 30 Days of WorldBuilding

Created by Stephanie Bryant and located at, the Fantasy WorldBuilder Guide is a 30-day, step-by-step process to creating geofiction and building consider, Life Casting a world. The exercises are simple and easy to follow and do not take a lot of time to complete. They are perfect for someone who wants to get into the hobby but doesn't really know where to start. I also like how the lessons are structured, taking you from the beginnings of creating your world through various other processes, such as character creation and story elements. I recommend at least browsing through.

Protagonize and other Fiction Communities

There are tons of fiction writers' communities on the internet consider, Sand Castle Building Tricks that have material written by and for geofictioners. Protagonize is one such website that has a group dedicated to world building , Knitting Gloves ( This website and others typically feature also see, RTR RC Boat geofiction projects submitted by users, as well as helpful guides, how-to manuals, and thoughtful discussion on the underlying principles behind geofiction. Anyone looking for advice look at, Choose The Best Kind Of Roof Restoration And Repairs As Per Your Roof Type! and guidance should visit Protagonize and other web checkout, Display Racks writing communities. Joining one also gives you a base of critics who can constructively assist you with your own project.


What does Wikipedia have in common with geofiction, you might ask? A lot! Wikipedia is a phenomenal resource for anyone who needs information also look at, RC Trainer Planes about a particular topic, which comes in handy when you are trying to get inspiration or need quick info about something you are putting into your geofiction.
For example, if you are creating a space colony that features look at, Collectible Paperweights a fleet of warships, you may need ideas based on current navies and the types of ships they use. Wikipedia is great for that and other purposes because it gives you that basic information. consider, How to make a Quilt Now, it shouldn't ever be used for academic citation, but for the most part, the information , Role-Playing Geofiction Games in Wikipedia is accurate enough that you can get a good understanding of something for the purposes of your project. I recommend using Wikipedia whenever you need to look up something so you can add in a bit more detail to your project.

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