Nikon Digital Cameras

Nikon Digital Cameras

1999 was the year Nikon started with Digital Cameras! checkout, Palak Gosht or Mutton in Spinach Sauce

Whether you are looking for a professional single lens reflex (SLR) or a compact camera, consider, Diecast Trucks it's worth looking at Nikon digital cameras. have a look at, DIY Garbage Disposal Solutions Not only were Nikon digital cameras look at, RC Tractor amongst the first of this kind, but they have remained a leading world brand for more than a decade. There is also reliable backup for Nikon digital cameras also see, Weaving all over the world.

Nikon is a multinational company based in Tokyo, Japan, that was founded in 1917. Originally called Nippon Kgaku Kgy Kabushikigaisha, the company is now part of the Mitsubishi Group and an established world leader in products , RC Boat Parts that include cameras, consider, Breweriana microscopes and scanners, all of which have incredibly accurate and reliable optical lenses.

A fact that not many people know is that Nikon was responsible for some of the very first digital D-SLRs. They worked on a research project for NASSA in the early 1990s, that involved creating early D-SLRs, and then had a partnership with Kodak that involved producing D-SLRs using Nikon film-camera bodies. Their first D-SLR was released as the Nikon D1 SLR in 1999, and it was good enough for some professional photographers to use instead of their existing film SLRs. As these models have improved over the years, more and more professionals have moved from film SLRs to D-SLRs.

In the early 2000s, the company released its first Coolpix models, a compact line that has become very popular with amateur photographers.

While the company still manufactures film SLRs on an ongoing basis, its range of D-SLRs is constantly expanding. By 2009 it offered a range of eight models with either 10.2, 12.3 or 24.5 megapixels (MP). Their top of the range D-SLR, the D3X, first released in 2008, has an effective 24.5-million pixels (or 24.5 MP) which produces extremely high resolution photographs. It has exceptional noise control (from ISO 100 to 1600) and a shutter release that is virtually instantaneous (with only a lag of 0.04 seconds). Another feature have a look at, Philately is that you can shoot as many as 4,400 frames on just one battery charge.

By 2009, the company offered a comprehensive choice of 12 models in its popular Coolpix series. These offered 10 MP to 12.2 MP with an optical zoom ranging from 3.6 to 15 times. So you will see that there is something for everyone in the currently available range of Nikon digital cameras. try, Nikon Digital s

Nikon SLR Digital Cameras

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