Making Kids Birthday Cakes

Making composite Kids Birthday Cakes

Basic cake recipes can be used to make the most delightful composite kids birthday cakes. What you do is to make a basic cake, like a quick and easy boiled milk sponge cake, and once it has cooled, you transform it with icing and other decorative bits and pieces. You can also cut the cake into pieces and then stick them together with icing to form animal shapes or faces.

Here's an idea for a fish also see, RC Nitro Tank birthday cake that both girls and boys will love.

The icing can be any colour, have a look at, Hydro RC Boat but orange works well because it gives the idea of a happy goldfish.

Kids Birthday Cake Ingredients

• ½ a basic milk sponge cake (you can use the second half for something else)
• butter icing made by creaming 100 g of butter with a cup of icing sugar and then adding a little milk and two teaspoons of vanilla essence
• 2 small packets Smarties
• 1 marshmallow
• 1 strip of liquorice
• 10 wafer biscuits
• 1 small packet jelly babies
• 1 round red lollipop (taken off the stick) or a cherry

To make the fish

Your boiled milk sponge cake is the essential element here, so bake it first. Allow it to cool while you mix the butter icing.

Slice a strip of cake from the centre for the fin and tails consider, Making Clay Doll of the fish. consider, Boat Building Sandwich the two remaining sections of cake together with a little bit of icing. This will make the cake a little more oblong than round in shape.

Place the thin slice of cake you cut from the centre on a cutting board. Then cut a triangle out of it by slicing from the bottom left corner to the centre above; and from the bottom right corner, to the same centre point. The two outer pieces will be used to form the fins.

Coat the main section of cake as well as the fins and tail look at, Remote Controlled Boats with icing. Put fins on each side of the fish, why not visit, RC Tank 1-16 and the tail try, DIY Bathroom Design at the one end. Cut the wafer biscuits to form triangles that will fit on the sides and top of the fins and tail. consider, Popular Light Festivals Around The World Decorate also look at, Landscape Drawings between the gaps with jelly babies. Push Smarties into the main part of the fish also look at, Doll House Furniture to form decorative "scales". Finally use the liquorice to make a mouth and the marshmallow with a cherry on top to make an eye.

When all the children have seen and admired your cake, cut it into pieces. You will find it very rewarding watching them eat your fish-style kids birthday cakes.

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