Magnum CB Radio

Magnum CB Radio

The Magnum CB Radio Family

If you consider yourself why not visit, RC Engines to be a CB radio devotee, then you probably have heard about the latest addition to the Magnum CB Radio family consider, Brewing Beer at Home - the 10 Meter Magnum 257 radio. Upon viewing the Magnum 257 for the first time, its miniature size and compressed design checkout, How to make Pottery would be most impressive. It's a lot smaller than most normal AM/SSB Magnum CB radio models, yet it includes numerous options and power checkout, RC Cement Mixer Truck than most of its larger-size family also see, Blacksmith Shop members. The 257 Magnum CB radio comes equipped with dual finals allowing it amazing output power try, Collectible Magazines consisting of 15-20 watts of AM power also see, West Indian Cuisine and 25-35 watts of SSB power, look at, HET RC Models depending on the tuning of the radio.

Even though this is a 10 meter Citizen Band radio, it can be customized for utilization on the 11 meter band; however, this is illegal based upon certain rules and regulation outlined by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Nevertheless, to modify the 257 Magnum CB radio for working of on 11 meters, the speaker side cover would have to be removed and the CPU board would have to be located in order to reach the microphone connector in front of the radio. Just as most export brands of CB radios the CPU board has a quadruple set of pins accompanied by a jumper specially designed for the pins. In order to change look at, RC Engines the radio for prolonged operations the jumper must be adjusted to the CON 3 position and 25.165 - 29.699MHz coverage will be achieved.

The 257 Magnum CB radio is capable of transmitting on all three channels (AM/FM and SSB). It also comes equipped with mic and RF gain, volume, squelch and variable control, a clarifier, NB and NB/ANL capabilities, and a frequency knob.

The 257 Magnum CB radio has an outstanding reception on AM dial. Receiving everyone's signal with quality sound is relatively simple; however, the receiver on this particular radio is highly sensitive and any interference being generated electrically will be picked-up and could ultimately cause hearing incapability. Even if both NB/ANL is utilized, it may cut down some of the background noise considerably but it will not ultimately solve the problem entirely. However, if the band is switched from AM to SSB the radio will come alive. In fact, the 257 Magnum CB radio delivers some of the best quality and sound then virtually any radio in the industry - so much so that the Magnum CB radio is being spoken in the breath as the President HR2510 and 2600.

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