Korean War Reenactments

Korean War Reenactments

Korean War Reenactments gaining Popularity!

Korean War reenactments are gaining popularity, particularly in the United States. Korean War reenactors mainly do living history reenactments since it is relatively and still gaining popularity. Combat reenactments include General MacArthur's troops arriving in Inchon. Reenactors wish to bring awareness to Korean War, which does not have the following of reenactors that the American Civil War or World War II has. The Korean War is often referred to as “the forgotten war.”

The reenactors hope to teach the public about the conflict, which was one of the reasons they began reenacting. Participates have often interviewed Korean War veterans and hopes to honor those who served in Korea by reenacting. Korean War reenactments also use photos from the Korean War as their guide in reenacting.

The groups demonstrate the use of clothing, equipment, weapons and tactics so the public gains a full understanding of what the war was really like. Some groups recommend use reproductions in order to preserve originals for future generations to see. Reenactors encourage those who are interested to read Shelby Stanton's “US Army Uniforms of the Korean War, 1950-1953” in order be accurate in their dress and weapons. Uniforms vary depending on the unit and the year being reenacted. The late war uniform consists of an armored vest, insignias worn on the sleeves, standard , Remote Control Robots herringbone twill (HBT) fatigues, field cap, a WWII M1 Helmet, combat boots, socks, underwear and t-shirt. Equipment includes a first aid why not visit, 2-7 Triple Draw Poker kit; US M1910 or M1923 dismounted cartridge belt, canteen, US M1945 combat field pack and a US WWII era blanket. Some of the weapons used include US M1 Garand Rifle with bayonet, US M1 or M2 Carbine, US 2.35 or 3.5 inch bazooka and more. Be careful when buying supplies online, consider, 2-7 Triple Draw Poker especially on eBay since authenticity cannot be guaranteed.

Korean War reenactors must have a passion for history and be willing to share that with the public. If you wish to be part of this growing consider, Political Collectibles reenactment look online have a look at, RC Motorbike to find groups. Many groups do not charge membership fees. If you can't find a specific Korean War reenactments group, contact other historic reenactment groups near you for more information try, Hobby Stores since many Korean War reenactors do other reenactments.

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