Kite Aerial Photography - KAP

Kite Aerial Photography - KAP

What is Kite Aerial Photography - KAP?

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) is when a small camera have a look at, RC Fuel Tanks is fixed to a kite in order to take photos from the sky. It's an exciting hobby that has recently grown in popularity.

The way of fixing the camera also look at, Acrylic Display Cases can range from a very simple version - using a trigger mechanism and a disposable camera; to the more sophisticated set-up using radio control & digital cameras. also look at, RC Infrared Battle Tanks So this hobby can suit a wide range of enthusiasts & budgets and also gives room have a look at, RC Robotic Competitions for imagination & inventiveness.

One thing people love about this hobby is that the viewer feels more connected with what they are seeing on the ground below them. This is because the camera try, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Why our Smartphones need it? is much lower and flying slower that it would be from, for example, an aircraft. So you can often pick out clear figures of people and buildings, , Kite Fighting and recognise features try, Nikon Digital Cameras of the land. It makes it feel more real.

Kite Aerial Photography History

You might think this is a modern pastime; made easier by digital cameras look at, Digital Black And White Photography etc. However inventive pioneers proudly started this hobby over a hundred years ago. The first kite aerial photograph was taken by Arthur Batut in France in 1888; there is even a museum for him.

People were excited to see the earth also see, Acrylic Display Cases from a new perspective; looking down from high above. For century's people, artists in particular, had tried to imagine how this might look.

Then in the late 19th & early 20th centuries KAP became quite popular. The photos were also used for many practical reasons e.g. surveys for science, military surveillance, have a look at, Home Improvement Projects evaluating a disaster. consider, RC Boat Plans But by the 1930s powered flight started to take over as a means for taking aerial photos and KAP became less popular.

However, in the last 20 years Kite Aerial Photography has seen a comeback and a new enthusiasm. Most likely the reasons are:

* Photographing from kites is cheaper than using airplanes or helicopter
* A rise in popularity for flying kites for sport, & enjoyment of learning to do technical tricks checkout, Crocheted and stunts.
* Now it's possible to buy relatively cheap, light, have a look at, Collectible Cash Registers good quality, automatic cameras have a look at, Acrylic Display Cases especially digital cameras. look at, Coin Display Case
* Using kites for observation where it?s too low for a piloted aircraft to fly.

Now this hobby is flourishing and we invite you to send us any of your photos. We'd also love to hear your own experience of KAP and any tips try, Crocheted you may want to pass on or discuss with others.

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