HPI Racing

HPI Racing

HPI racing is one of the premier brands of RC racing cars that are manufactured today. No matter what kind of engine you are looking to run, and with whatever level of power, also see, RC Cars HPI racing always has a model to suit your needs. Besides manufacturing world class cars and trucks for the serious hobbyist, HPI racing is also known for its spare parts and components that are comparable to the best.

HPI racing or, Hobby Products consider, Tandoori Chicken International racing, is a relatively young company, starting operations in 1986 at Costa Mesa, California. By the same year, their first line of products also look at, Diecast Police Cars under the ?Uno? series was launched. An Uno motor was used in an IFMAR championship winning model in England, making HPI famous across the globe. Soon HPI racing products have a look at, Car Restoration were in demand even in countries try, Watercolour Pencils like Japan where the ingrown RC industry is quite massive on its own.

Since its inception, as time has gone on, HPI racing has become more and more active in designing, creating and selling new models as well as parts across the global checkout, Candle Making market, with an incredibly large number of models coming out since 2000, making them one of the largest manufacturers , Sugar Free Cereal Muffins of RC models and parts in the world.

HPI racing has, over the years, introduced a number of models in the off- and on-road categories. In the off-road categories, their models come with all three engine variants namely Gas, also see, 1:6 Scale RC Tank Nitro and Electric. try, DIY Bathroom Wall In each category, HPI racing has some incredible models like the Baja series in the Gas-powered off-road RC models.

Most of the models in the Baja series have won a number of awards across the world for best design , RC Crawler Crane and performance.

The nitro-powered off-roader section from HPI racing consists solely of trucks. These monster trucks may be miniature versions compared to the real deal but there is nothing remotely miniature about the performance or capability of these RC monster machines. Whether you choose the Savage XL that redefines the RC truck arena or the Hellfire, a ready-to-run monster that is extra durable and simple eats up the track, there is absolutely no doubt that these HPI racing models will totally blow your mind away.

For those looking for cheaper or easier to maintain versions of off-road RC models, there are the electric consider, RC Gas Planes models available with brushless motors too. The HPI racing series of electric also see, Sugar Free Cereal Muffins off-road models has a number of superstars like the Savage Flux HP, run on their latest high technology Flux Tork 2200 motor as well on dual battery packs. The incredible power have a look at, Weifang Kite Festival China generated allows you to catch some never-before seen air, , Madeline Dolls while wheelies and stunts become second nature. why not visit, Boat Building Epoxy

Did we say wheelies? Well, the Wheely King is one of those models from HPI racing that is purposely built to perform wheelies. HPI racing offers a version with no electronic gear, namely the radio system, the battery pack and the charger. It allows you to add in your own equipment from the entire line of RC equipment on offer at HPI racing.

The on-road models under the nitro and electric try, Candle Making engines include a number of award winning entries. The nitro series has the Nitro RS4 3 Drift, a model specially designed and accessorized to increase the drift capabilities already enhanced by the nitro engine. All their nitro models are ready to run and their main aim remains to make these cars go faster and faster.

In the electric try, Creative Cloth Doll Making versions, models like the Sprint series of cars includes models that are solely meant for drifting or for racing. These models are light, consider, RC Scale WWII fast and incredibly reliable, making them ideal for all sorts of on-road racing tracks. HPI racing also produces the F10, a newer version to the F1 released earlier, with an all new chassis and a new found ease of driving.

In the parts and accessories why not visit, Greek Sculptures segment, HPI racing is known to produce a number of model chassis, tyres, wheels, electronics and even engines. So if you so choose, then you can build your very own RC model out of parts bought from the HPI racing store.

If it is speed that you like and performance that keeps you out on the track, then there is nothing better than the large range of fantastic RC models brought to you from the stables of HPI racing.

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