How to do Geofiction

A How-To Guide to Geofiction

Have you ever wanted to create your own geofiction universe? Have you had a desire, after reading a book or watching a movie, to try your hand at creating your own world, filled with creatures, places, have a look at, RC Abrams Tank and names that come purely from your own imagination? If so, then a how-to guide to geofiction is just what you need.

This guide will give you the basic outline for crafting your own geofiction universe. But, the most important thing about geofiction is that it is yours. So, if you do not like a part of the outline, feel free to exclude it. This is your project, after all.

Step 1: The General Idea

What kind of project do you want to start? This question may seem daunting at first, so it helps to talk about scale. Generally speaking, are you creating a small world or a large one? You could create a neighborhood within city, a city, a state or region, a country, try, RC Plane Parts a continent, a section of the world, an entire planet, look at, Sugar free Ginger Muffins or even a system of planets also see, Glass Display Cabinets - or in the case of Star Wars, entire galaxies.

Figuring out the scale will help you shape your ideas.

Step 2: The Geography

Before you can create inhabitants, you should first come up with an environment. also look at, RC Spinners After all, your creatures, in order to be logical, will need to mesh with the environment. also look at, Motorcycles If you have the idea for a civilization first, though, you can create the environment also look at, South African game recipe for spiced Springbok to match.

Things to consider are vegetation, water try, Oregano Oil coverage, elevation, terrain, climate, , Robots for Kids size, land coverage, animal populations, location, checkout, Flat Watercolour Wash and any other details that give an identity to your world of choice. Try this if you need help. Picture Earth, checkout, Calligraphy and then describe it as if you were telling someone what Earth also see, RC Abrams Tank is like. Then just do that for your own world.

Step 3: The Inhabitants

This often is a favorite part of geofiction to hobbyists, because creating an entire race of people or creatures gives you so much freedom to customize and tweak it to your heart's content. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

- What do they look like? How big are they?
- What language do they speak? Do they have more than one?
- What kind of society do they have? What are the social norms? Any taboos?
- Do they have a government? What kind?
- How do they live? In houses? In trees? Are they nomads?
- What is their level of technology? Or are they hunter-gatherers in a primitive society?
- What is the history of your people?
- Typically, what are some characteristics of your people's identity and collective psychology?
You can take these questions and use them as a good foundation for your new world. Before long, you will have an entire world finely detailed and filled with several races of people or creatures that you can control - and use to make your personal world even more engaging.

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