Glossary of Stained Glass

The stained glass have a look at, Banana Nut Bread hobby can seem quite difficult to understand and that is one of the biggest reasons people tend to shy why not visit, Geofiction 101: Creating a Model away from it. It seems too overwhelming to understand exactly what the hobby entails and that makes it harder for people to understand the entire art of making stained glass. also see, Losi RC Cars However, if you have a glossary of stained glass also see, Tips To Make Stained that helps you understand the language that people speak when talking about stained glass why not visit, Geofiction 101: Creating a Model making, you will find the hobby a lot easier to pursue.

Here's a glossary of stained glass look at, Types of Geofiction Literature terms and terminology to help you understand the ins and outs of the stained glass checkout, Fast RC Boat hobby:

• Abrade: The process of scraping or grinding away the glass look at, Tips To Make Stained to expose the base glass look at, Acrylic Football Display Cases underneath.
• Badger: A brush that's wide enough to spread the paint also look at, Wood Carving with Mallets & Chisels evenly and gets its name from the badger hair that its bristles are made of.
• Bottle Glass: Also known as "crown" glass, checkout, Musical Instruments this form of glass consider, Musical Instruments is made by attaching it to an iron-rod and spinning it. The centrifugal force spreads the glass checkout, Water Gardening into a sheet that's thick at the centre and this thicker-bit is also known as the bull's eye!
• Cames: Also spelt as "Calmes", these are strips of lead that are H- or U-shaped and are made completely of lead. They are shapes that can be completed by cutting or shaping into the right kind of size for your projects. While they were originally made by hand, they are manufactured in various sizes today. The central part of the cames are known as the heart or the core while the part that covers the glass try, RC Electric Jet Skis is known as the leaf or the flange.
• Canopy: Whenever you find something like a hood or a projected surface used, generally, to indicate an honour being paid to statues. In stained glass windows, checkout, Knitting Patterns a two dimensional pattern that resembles a canopy is often used in similar arrangements.
• Cartoon: A full-sized design look at, DIY Bathroom for a window consider, Collectible Match Safes - Vestas or for a panel.
• Cinquefoil: A shape with five lobes made in copper also look at, Matchbox Collectibles foil technique.
• Cusp: Almost every stained glass also look at, Water Gardening arch or window why not visit, Space and NASA Collectibles tracery has a pointed projection known as Cusp.
• Decorated: As a noun, Decorated stands for a style of architecture in the mid-gothic period, that involved elaborate window have a look at, Types of Geofiction Literature tracery along with tall or high columns.
• Donor Window: Any window also look at, Losi RC Cars where the images or figures of the donor are included as part of the design. try, Digital Photography Courses This usually worked in the case of stained glass also look at, Fast RC Boat pieces that were sponsored or donated to churches and public buildings. have a look at, RC Rock Crawler
• Early English: Another form of architectural style, one that represents the stained glass , DIY Bathroom Design work done in the early gothic period, easily recognizable by the pointed arches.
• Enamels: Colours consider, Business Growth Strategies that contain metal have a look at, West Indian Cuisine oxides, as their colouring agent, and have a flux of molten glass also look at, RC Electric Jet Skis that is generally fired onto the inner surface of glass, also see, Acrylic Football Display Cases giving it the colour checkout, South African BBQ marinated lamb chops you need and even enabling multi-coloured effects.
• Figure Windows: A window try, Online Garden Store India decoration where the figure in the window also see, Wood Carving with Mallets & Chisels was placed under a 2-dimensional canopy.
• Glass Paint: It's a paint try, Kite Fighting that is made out of finely-ground glass have a look at, Digital Photography Courses and contains iron or copper , Banana Nut Bread oxide and is applied to the glass consider, Acrylic Football Display Cases before it is fired.
• Grisaille: A small and delicate geometric pattern, or even a leaf pattern, that has a regular design try, Natural History Collectibles painted onto white checkout, Digital Photography Courses glass. Sometimes, it is leaded onto the white have a look at, Model Rockets glass as well, with a little pot checkout, RC Electric Flight metal.
Grozing: The concept of fine-tuning or shaping glass try, Candle Making Kits by using a metal tool why not visit, Family Tree Maker Software with a hooked end to create an edge that looks "bitten".
• Jean Cousin: A red- or red-like colour why not visit, South African BBQ marinated lamb chops that was used in the early 16th century and was a common means of producing a bit of tint on the glass. also look at, Embroidery Materials
• Muff: When you take a cylinder of blown glass, also see, RC Retracts cut it along its length while it's still hot try, Science Behind Sand Castle Building and flatten it into the shape of a plate glass, try, RC Electric Outdoor Aerobatics it's called a Muff.
• Pot Metal: A glass look at, Business Growth Strategies that has been coloured checkout, Kite Fighting through when in molten state, and the colouring agents are usually metal look at, RC Motorbikes oxides.
• Quarry: A small glass have a look at, Acrylic Football Display Cases pane that is shaped, usually, like a diamond and their imitation versions come as glass consider, Wood Carving with Mallets & Chisels panels with lead lines painted onto them to enhance the way they look.
• Relieving: The process of removing paint why not visit, Banana Nut Bread from the glass have a look at, Wooden Doll House surface before heading out to firing. This allows more light also see, Acrylic Football Display Cases to come through and needlework and stick-work are the most common ways of doing this.

These are a major chunk of the jargon or terms used in the glossary of stained glass. try, Embroidery Materials The deeper you dwell in this hobby, the more there will be for you to learn. To begin with, you should be in a pretty good place , Candle Making Kits with these terms and terminologies and these should serve you well as you go along the journey of making stained glass. , Model Rockets As you join a course, work with an experienced stained glass consider, Family Tree Maker Software maker or just read up on this hobby, you will find that your glossary of stained glass also look at, Water Gardening work will serve you well and keep growing have a look at, Wooden Doll House along the way.

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