Geofiction 101: Creating a Model

In the world of geofiction, most of the heavy lifting is done with pen and paper or a keyboard and mouse. You can create your world completely on paper, or can actually go high-tech and download software that allows you to create and sculpt terrain and tinker with the nitty-gritty details of an environment. look at, Painting - Searching for Inspiration Some geofictioners like to go one step further and create an actual model.

Creating a model is not the easiest thing in the world, especially if your created world is large and expansive. But, it is definitely possible - and if you have had experience in building , Sports Card Collectibles model railroad sets, you are already on the right track. Here is a simple guide to creating a model world for the vision that you have developed in your head and on paper.

Gathering the Materials

The most important thing to realize when you are creating a model is the fact that your world may not directly translate into a real-life, 3D model. That's okay - it doesn't have to. What you are going for is just a representation of your world that absolutely does not have to be incredibly detailed for it to work.

Once you have made the decision as to what your model will look like, it's time to go shopping. You will primarily want to hit up craft also see, Mercedes Diecast stores, such as Hobby Lobby, and hobby stores, like those that specialize in railroad enthusiasts. Craft try, RC Boat Models stores are great for buying the basic crafting materials, and hobby stores can give you the finely-detailed additions you may want - such as miniature trees try, Painting - Searching for Inspiration and other terrain features. checkout, Cape Malay recipe for tomato bredie

You should invest heavily in crafting putty or molded crafting plastic. have a look at, Blacksmith Artist You will want a supple material that you can mold into place also look at, Scale Model Collectibles and then harden by either letting it dry or applying a hardening spray. White have a look at, How to build an RC Boat modeling clay works best for me (although I have even seen people sculpt terrain out of Styrofoam). Paint checkout, Architectural Model House is also a must. You can even go all out and use sand, , Asian Sculptures clay, gravel, also see, Aichmomancy and other pieces of nature also see, Cape Malay recipe for Sambals in your model.

Creating the World

To create your world, try and figure out a rough scale. It doesn't have to be precise, and if you don't know how to consider, Cloud Spotting do it, there is plenty of information why not visit, RC Boat Models out there on railroad hobbyist websites to teach you.

Once you have done this, and know how large your world will be, set down some plywood and start covering the surface with your modeling material. This is your chance to create mountains, valleys, ravines, craters, or what have you. Paint also look at, How to build an RC Boat each large section as you go, so you do not paint , First Steps in Wood Carving over other sections.

Once you have the basic terrain and paint also see, DIY Blog down, you can start putting in forests, rivers, lakes, deserts, etc. A cheap and easy solution for forests is to take cotton, dye it, and clump it to create wooded areas. (It also works well for a quick and easy solution for snow).

Now your basic foundation for your world should be established. Just remember that the larger the world, the less detailed your world will be. And that's perfectly fine. Your vision coming into the physical world is the only thing that matters.

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