Galaxy CB Radios

Galaxy CB Radios

The different Types of Galaxy CB Radios

Galaxy CB radios have features, try, Gel Candle Making performance, and prices you are looking for, all in an attractive and compact mobile package. Whatever the reason you want a CB, Galaxy CB radios combine brawn and intelligence also see, RC Hobby with many models to match any budget. Galaxy CB radios are leading the pack for dependability, durability, and performance.

Mobile Galaxy CB radios prove that good things can come in small packages, and the DX929 is a great example of this with a ton of features checkout, South African Springbok Sosaties in a compact case. The green try, RC Police Boats and blue also look at, East Indian Cuisine backlit display and dimmer highlight the large integrated RF/SWR/power/mod meter. Galaxy CB radios feature why not visit, RC Drifting Car Building smaller chassis that fit great in your vehicle. The front panel microphone jack offers added convenience. This DX929 has 40 channels, an automatic SWR circuit with high SWR alert, adjustable talkback and a frequency counter jack on the back.

Next up, Galaxy CB radios DX949 is a little dynamo with 40 channels AM/SSB and four to seven watts variable power. look at, RC Hobby Galaxy CB radios come with a large size meter and a dimmer. The meter combines modulation percentage, power also look at, Blue Pottery (AM and SSB), "S" meter, SWR, and comes with an SWR alert light. also look at, RC Battleships There is a volume, squelch, microphone gain, RF gain, RF power, try, Adventure Kids Birthday Cakes variable talkback with on/off, and a three-position tone switch. In addition to these controls, even more signal quality is added by a clarifier and NB ANL. Galaxy CB radios provide great features, look at, RC Tricopters performance and value at very reasonable prices.

The outstanding Galaxy DX959 is not the best selling of all the mobile Galaxy CB radios for nothing. This most popular of Galaxy CB radios gives you the ability to fine-tune an integrated full-function SSB unit plus it has its own built-in five-digit frequency counter. These two capabilities alone would make the DX959 an excellent value, but its compact chassis is packed with the features , RC Drifting Car Building many have come to expect from Galaxy CB radios, and much more. Variable and switchable talkback, roger beep, variable power also look at, Essential Wood Carving Tips output, high SWR alert, clarifier, ANL, a large, power/RF/SWR/S/mod meter, microphone gain and RF gain control, display dimmer and PA switch and jack all add performance and value to this great package.

The Galaxy DX959 and other exceptional Galaxy CB radios have made CB'ing a joy for many. Whether this is your first CB radio or whether you have been using CBs for many years, Galaxy CB radios will welcome you home have a look at, How to CB Radio and keep you coming back for more.

Galaxy CB Radio

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