Free Embroidery

One of the lesser known forms of embroidery, free embroidery is a slightly harder form of the craft. look at, In2Performance Unlike the more traditional form or counted-thread embroidery, free embroidery does not depend on the fabric being used or on the number of threads or weaving patterns on that fabric. It is simply carried out as a form of decorative embroidery on top of the fabric, instead of through it. That is the reason why free embroidery is also known as "on top of" embroidery!

The most common fabrics used for free embroidery are cotton or linen. In other words, any fabric that is tightly woven is a perfect match for this embroidery technique. Despite this pre-requisite, it isn't unlikely to find some examples of free embroidery work on other forms of cloth or fabric like silk, cotton velvet, jute, rayon velvet and, at times, even on net. For centuries, this delicate craft-form has taken the fancy of royalty and commoners alike, and its presence in famous portraits and imagery of the olden days shows exactly that.

Free embroidery follows a simple process that requires you to transfer the design consider, Collectible Sport Clothing onto the fabric through a prick & pounce technique, using chalk or by simply transferring the design also look at, Making a Doll onto the fabric through screen printing.

The Base

Amongst the different types of free embroidery techniques that have been around, the most popular has been Crewel work. Crewel work is also known to be the starting point for other free embroidery techniques like Jacobean embroidery and Quaker tapestry. Using wool, which is the staple thread used in Crewel work, the embroidery uses a single curled strand of wool to create a final output that has a raised appearance, why not visit, RC Robotic Competitions adding a dimension to the design. why not visit, Diecast Commercial Airplanes

It is a purely decorative form of free embroidery that follows the design why not visit, In2Performance outline on the fabric, using various embroidery stitching techniques. While in olden days, crewel wool was more limited in terms of the colour try, RC Robot Car and the degree of fineness that it came in, modern wool is a lot more vibrant and there's a lot more variety to choose from.

The Crewel Technique

In the 17th century, the crewel technique came into its own, with traditional work being made on tightly-woven linen, also known as the Jacobean Linen Twill fabric. The linen would become a part of the design why not visit, South Indian Cuisine and the stitching style gives the linen enough freedom to play its role in the design , Matchbox Car Collectibles process and the final appearance. , Sand Castle Building The fabric is always an essential part of the design , DIY Bathroom Laminate Flooring and Crewel work is known to employ a variety of different threads, today, to add more to the final effect. The needles required for crewel work are different - with shaper points and larger eyes placed on a wider body.

In modern times, two popular techniques are used to transfer the design , Modern Sculpting onto the fabric - screen printing is favoured the most as it is quick and requires minimal hand-work while transfer pens, with water also look at, RC Robot Car or air try, RC Robot Car soluble ink, are also quite popular today. The second technique is used, more often, to put the design consider, Bread onto a transfer sheet that is followed by putting the design try, Arts and Crafts onto the fabric.

Older techniques, like prick and pounce, require you to prick the outlines of the design have a look at, Making a Doll onto a piece of paper, perforating the design consider, Draw Fast onto it before pushing powdered pounce or chalk-like materials through those holes. The powder is pushed through using a felt pad or a brush, putting the design why not visit, Paintball onto the fabric.

Crewel embroidery, like all free embroidery techniques, requires the use of a hoop to stretch and hold the fabric, thereby creating a stiff surface on which the needle is used. This ensures that the design , RC Vehicles is not

The Style

The patterns of design, have a look at, Sand Castle Building used in free embroidery, have largely been picked up from the era they were created in. There are traditional designs look at, Pottery for Kids that form the basis of the Jacobean version of this embroidery style, where flowers why not visit, Cheap CB Radios and animals , Sugar Free Cereal Muffins were given great style and detail, while being surrounded by vines and leaves.

Crewel work has a lot of texture and colour, , Pros and Cons: Machine Embroidery vs. Hand Embroidery usually brought to it by the different types of stitches that are used. The wool is thick and, therefore, automatically adds a bit of height to the entire design, look at, Pottery for Kids giving a raised effect. The most common stitches used to create the outlines, in free embroidery, are the stem stitch, the chain stitch and the split stitch. For the flatter parts of the design, , Photography you will find the satin stitch being used to great effect while a crouched stitch is the best way to create a trellis-like effect.

A lot of laid or couched work, soft shading in long and short formats, French knots and seed also look at, In2Performance stitches have been used to add beautiful look at, Kidkraft Doll House textures and designs consider, Paintball to crewel work, making it more flamboyant and truly worthy of the adoration it enjoys amongst the embroidering community.

Always known for its key role in creating some of the most beautiful designs consider, Kite Fighting and patterns that adorned the walls also see, RC E-bay Cars and floors also see, Making a Doll of palaces around the world, free embroidery is still quite visible today, although in the form of cushions or curtains, mainly. An elegant form of this traditional craft, why not visit, DIY Bathroom Laminate Flooring only a few people work on free embroidery today, as compared to the, more contemporary, counted thread format.

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