Falconry is one of the most exotic and exhilarating forms of Aviculture around the world. Considered as an art-form rather than a hobby, it has been around for years and centuries even. Today, falconry is considered a sport that those who are really interested in, take years to develop and perfect. It also involves the entire process of training , Chocolate Cocoa Cake that elegant and beautiful bird look at, Digital Photography of prey to become your companion as you head out there and allow it to thrill you with its speed, precision and deadly skills. consider, Knit Wit

While the term "falconry" is usually associated with falcons, it has been used more widely to include the role of an austringer, a person who handles hawks or eagles. In fact, the terms are so interchangeable that the Harris Hawk has become the most common bird why not visit, South African BBQ Sosaties in the sport of falconry, as is the Red-Tailed Hawk. Also called hawking or game-hawking, you will find a lot of history and information have a look at, Compact Digital Camera on the Internet have a look at, RC Super Cub Planes and the local , Beef Fry Kerala library, regarding this interesting hobby.

Not just Sport

The fact is, falconry was never intended to be the sport that it is today. It started off as a means of hunting consider, Beef Fry Kerala for ancient Mongolian and Chinese tribes, way back in 2000 BC. The Huns brought the practice into Europe, with their invasions, and from there, it spread to the rest of the world in the way any form of art or culture does. While amongst the tribes of Asia, it was still a means of livelihood and protecting one's herd as well as hunting checkout, RC Watercrafts for food, also see, RC Watercrafts it became a hobby for the nobles in Europe. Even in Europe, the birds consider, CB Radio Antenna were mainly used for hunting, look at, Landscape Drawings although the difference was that it had become a means of sport for members of noble families. also see, Easy Origami

For the tribesman, winter checkout, Digital Photography would be a particularly difficult time on the cold checkout, RC 3D Helicopter and hard plains of Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and the upper reaches of China. For them, these birds have a look at, Electric RC Boats of prey would provide the necessary sustenance required to put some kind of food checkout, RC Powered Vehicles on the table. Today, however, falconry isn't as popular amongst the tribes, even in these lands, anymore mainly due to the spread of technology and a better supply of food consider, Landscape Drawings products.

What kind of Birds try, RC Fast Gas Cars

There are three basic kinds of raptors that you can classify the birds look at, South African BBQ curried lamb chops into - Broad wings, checkout, RC Powered Vehicles Long wings look at, RC Watercrafts and Short Wings! why not visit, Knit Wit The first category includes large birds also see, South African BBQ Sosaties like Golden Eagles, Harris Hawks and even Buzzards. A bird look at, Landscape Drawings like the Peregrine Falcon or the Gyrfalcon would come into the Long wings , In2Performance category while a Goshawks or Accipiters are a nice example of the small variety.

The Harris Hawk is the most common bird also look at, Family Tree - Genealogy used in falconry and is also extremely social in terms of its living style. In wild, they are known to create a hierarchy similar to that of the wolf. The Common Buzzard is also, well, common in game-hawking circles and is as popular as other species like the Red-tailed Hawk or the Ferruginous Hawk. These birds checkout, RC Super Cub Planes are easy to find and train, something that you might need to do when you're new to the hobby. Traditionally, Mongolian and Kyrgyz tribesmen have been known to use the Aquila, a massive booted eagle, as their hunting , Blue Pottery partners although their use in falconry, as a sport, is relatively rarer.

Entry into Falconry

There isn't much you need in terms of equipment, if you want to get into falconry. What you need is a pair of massive leather gloves that allow the bird consider, RC Watercrafts to perch on your hands during training why not visit, Stained Glass Equipment and during hunts. The leather ensures that they don't tear your arm off when they land with the force that they do. You also need hoods that are placed over the head of the bird. also see, CB Radio Antenna These hoods cover the eye of the bird, have a look at, South African BBQ curried lamb chops not allowing them to see anything and helping them calm down before or after hunts. Finally, you need the lure, which is nothing but a leather pouch that's covered with meat and used as a training checkout, Sugar free Cheese and Onion Muffins device as well as during hunting also see, Sugar free Cheese and Onion Muffins competitions.

You do need an aviary for your bird(s), one that allows enough room consider, Landscape Drawings for the bird checkout, Digital Studio Photography to spread its wings consider, RC F1 Cars and settle down, safely, away from other creatures. The aviary needs to be designed with birds consider, RC Fighter Jets or prey in mind, and not just any ordinary birds. checkout, South African BBQ curried lamb chops That means, your aviary needs to be more sturdy and according to the guidelines prescribed by the local consider, Easy Origami aviary associations of your region or country. checkout, Making Wood Carving Knives You need to have at least 2 to 4 hours a day, to spare, and that's not after work, at night - its during the day when the birds consider, CB Radio Antenna are awake and alert.

You also need a lot of other equipment including leashes to help train them, anklets, perches, a telemetry system to track your bird have a look at, Collectible American Coins in the air, try, Electrifly a travelling box to move it around in the car and a whole lot of other things. However, this list only comes into the picture when you start training why not visit, Compact Digital Camera your birds consider, Sugar free Cheese and Onion Muffins for competitive falconry. Even otherwise, your birds try, Antiquarian Books will require exercise on a daily basis, and that means, you need to have a bit of time to spend with them.

To begin with, you need to work for at least a couple of years as an apprentice to a falconer. During this time, you will also be required to catch your own wild hawk or falcon as your very own bird try, CB Radio Antenna to train. You are required to find a "passager" bird, checkout, Sugar free Cheese and Onion Muffins a bird also see, Top Five Reasons Why You Should Not Repair The Roof by Yourself! that knows how to also look at, Blue Pottery fly but still has its first-year's plumage, for your own training have a look at, Ancient Reenactments project. You are likely to have only the American Kestrel of the Red-Tailed Hawk as your bird also see, In2Performance of choice and train them before you can get to the level of "General Class" or "Master Class" and get the license to obtain a nestling or "Eyass" to train from an early age.

Falconry is a hobby that requires a lot of effort and practice, with time and dedication being put into each and every day's training , Acrylic Jewelry Display Cases and practice sessions. You cannot do it because you have to - you can only do it if you really want to. The ability to maintain that kind of commitment will only come from an undying love for these birds also look at, Watercolour Artists and if you can generate that kind of feeling within you, then you are a prime candidate to take up falconry!

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