Fairy Doll Making

Become an Expert at Fairy Doll making!

Fairy doll making is not just an activity reserved for little girls, with an equal number of adult doll makers indulging their inner child by making these pretty dolls. Despite having a certain look, fairy doll making allows room look at, Calligraphy - How To for more creativity than doll making of a particular style, such vintage doll making. You can make the hair a bright purple, complete with yellow wings, also look at, RC - Radio Controlled Robots if you wanted to. But before you can indulge in fairy doll making you need to gather a few items and then follow a few simple instructions.

Start out by collecting the basic materials required to make your fairy doll, which include fine wire, glitter, glue, paper, pencil, pipe cleaner, embroidery floss, quilt batting, any fancy fabric such as taffeta or organza and a light-coloured, such as ivory or flesh tones, cotton material. Once you have these items we can start with the process of fairy doll making.

Trace out your fairy doll's body on the paper. Now you don't need to be dead accurate as you can always detail it further later. After you are done, cut out the paper and place look at, Robot Toys it on the cotton material and cut out two pieces similar to the paper pattern. Now turn the two pieces of fabric inside look at, RC - Radio Controlled Robots out and stitch them together. Make sure you leave about half an inch from the edge of the pieces and also leave a gap for inserting the stuffing.

After you are done sewing the two pieces together, turn the fabric inside try, RC Tractor out and then stuff it with quilt batting. Make sure you fill out the body well, and spread out the batting to avoid undesirable clumping in one place. try, Dora Doll House Once you are done sew up the remaining open section between the two pieces.

Your fairy doll's body is now ready. Now you can either make a simple dress for your fairy doll, or put on some pre-made doll clothes that fit. In case you wish to make the doll clothes, then try a simple A-line dress, which requires you to trace out the doll's body on a material of your choice. Cut out the pieces and similar to making the doll's body, stitch the two pieces together after turning them inside also see, Home Improvement Remodeling out. Make sure you leave gaps for the hands to come out. Be creative when choosing the dress material, and you can also decorate also look at, AeroSky C6 it with sequins and beads.

Once you fairy doll is dressed, we now move on to the most important part, the wings. try, Brewing Bulwark American Lager at Home For that you will need to cut a piece of pipe cleaner just enough to fit it inside try, Tapestry Weaving the doll's dress at the back. This will work as an anchor for the fairy's wings. consider, Hobby Shops Once the pipe cleaner has been secured on the doll's back, you need to create the wings. try, Cribbage or Crib Use the fine wire to make the outline shape of the wings why not visit, Resources for Geofiction for your doll. Make sure the wings also look at, Magnum CB Radio are the same size and symmetrically shaped. Once the outline is complete you need to trace out the shape of the wire on the material you wish to make the wings , RC Transformer with. This can be anything from tissue paper to light have a look at, CB Radio Base Station shiny fabric.

Glue the cut outs for the wings consider, Doll Mold Making onto the wire frame and allow it to dry completely. Once dry, attach the wings also see, Buttonhole or Blanket Stitch to the pipe cleaner, using glue. All that your fairy doll requires now is hair, eyes, lips and a nose. You can make all these with paint, checkout, Singhz End of Lease Cleaning or you can even use floss for the doll's hair. You can spend hours decorating checkout, South African game recipe for loin of Springbok your fair doll, with your creativity being the only limit. A little practice will go a long way in making you an expert at fairy doll making.

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