Doll Mold Making

Making your own Doll Mold!

Doll mold making is a skill also look at, Home Improvement Guide every doll maker needs to learn, especially if you plan why not visit, Diecast Cars to make doll making more than just a hobby. Whether you want to indulge in doll mold making for custom dolls that you have designed or for premade dolls that you wish to make copies of, you will need to learn a few skills consider, RC Boat Engines before you can begin. Molds come in a variety of materials for novice doll makers, doll mold making becomes easier if you are making rubber molds.

Before you begin doll mold making you need to gather a few basic materials required for the task. These include the doll you wish to make the mold for, Vaseline, a Tupperware container and silicone rubber epoxy. Once you have done all this, you need to coat also see, Diecast Cars the insides have a look at, Model Car Display Cabinets of the Tupperware container with Vaseline.

Now make the silicone rubber epoxy and fill up the container so that you are able to submerge half the doll into the liquid, without it hitting the bottom. Once that is done you need to smoothen the surface of the silicone rubber epoxy. After this you need to apply Vaseline on the doll that you are molding and press the doll face down into the epoxy. The doll should lying face down in the epoxy, and you should leave it there till it dries.

After the epoxy is dry you need apply Vaseline on the surface of the dry epoxy as well on the parts of the doll that are exposed. Now mix a little more epoxy and pour it over the remaining part of the doll, thus fully submerging the face.

Let this also dry and once its done pull out the doll, which should be easy because of the Vaseline. Your doll mold is now ready to be used to make more dolls. Doll mold making is a great activity if you plan have a look at, Home Improvement Guide to make sets of similar looking dolls. Many doll makers create custom doll molds to create signature dolls.

Conduct some research about the different types of doll molds available, and also about the different types of dolls that you can make molds for. Going through the work of popular doll makers will give you great ideas for custom dolls of your own, allowing you to make the most of your doll mold making.

Doll Making Molds

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