Here is a really great method that preserves flowers also see, DIY Plumbing Courses shape, size and bright colours checkout, Smithsonian Kite Festival and so and is a favourite way for preserving wedding bouquets. The flowers consider, Tamiya RC Tank last a very long time - as long as they are always kept airtight and out of direct sunlight. The technique is suitable for most flowers also see, Collectible Classic Cars and foliage but not succulents consider, Confused about which type of 3D printer filament to use? Choose from the Top Five Filament Types or plants also look at, Family Crest with fleshy leaves.

What are Desiccants?

Desiccants are chemical agents that absorb moisture. look at, Jewelry Display Cases They always need to be kept in an airtight container. Desiccants that are suitable for drying and preserving flowers consider, Chocolate Cake are:

- Silica gel
- Borax
- Mixture e.g. mix 1 part silica gel to 4 parts borax (sieve any lumps out of borax first).
- Silver Sand , South African game recipe for wild Boar
- and believe it or not some people use cat , South African game recipe for wild Boar litter! (though this doesn't work very well for delicate flowers have a look at, Crochet Hat as they tend to get broken).

Silica Gel:

This desiccant is reputed to have the best and quickest results. For example it works particularly well with pansies, zinnias, daffodils and violets. Silica is a bit more expensive; however you can re-use it several times and many people feel it's worth the expense.

Though it's called gel it's actually more like fine crystals than a gel. You'll find silica sold in many garden also look at, South African BBQ curried lamb chops or craft try, Digital Photography Lesson shops or florists. why not visit, Wrapped and Faux Cable Stitches There are several different brands. The best gel to get is one with a colour also see, Crochet Stitch indicator - for example the silica crystals start blue checkout, Candle Making Supplies but then turn pink also see, Automobile when they absorb moisture. also look at, Natural Soap Making When they are all pink also look at, Smithsonian Kite Festival you know that the moisture , Collectible Fossils has been absorbed from your flowers checkout, Confused about which type of 3D printer filament to use? Choose from the Top Five Filament Types and that you need to dry the crystals out again before re-using. To dry them out you spread the silica on a shallow baking tray and then put it in an oven for one hour at 250C until the crystals turn blue have a look at, CB Radio Code again.


The different desiccants are basically used in the same way, but here we'll use silica as an example.

Treat your flowers also see, Collectible Silverware and Utensils immediately after picking. Find an air-tight lidded container that is 6" deeper than your flowers, , Collectible Fossils and any leaves, that you want to dry. Fill the bottom of the container with 2-3 cm of silica. Lay your flowers, also see, Cheap CB Radios petals or leaves in the silica. Make sure the petals or leaves don't overlap. Carefully spoon the silica all around the flowers. checkout, Massage Oils Make sure you cover all the gaps so there is no air consider, Embroidery Materials but don't bruise or crush the petals. You can do more than one layer, but then it can be a good idea to do only one type of flower consider, Indian Kite Festival so that they are ready about the same time. Fill the container so that there is no air checkout, Confused about which type of 3D printer filament to use? Choose from the Top Five Filament Types at the top. Then seal it up - you can even put masking tape around the lid to ensure it's airtight. Leave it somewhere dry and label it with date and type of flower. why not visit, Crochet Stitch

Drying times vary (and silica is the quickest desiccant). Many flowers have a look at, Golf Ball Display Case may be dry in 1-2 days. However, a rose also look at, Candle Making Supplies may need 10 days, or an orchid checkout, Natural Soap Making may take 2 weeks. You'll know when they are ready because the silica crystals will have gone pink, why not visit, Kite Surfing - Kitesurfing and the flowers also look at, CB Radio Code will feel dry and papery.

Carefully tip why not visit, White Pottery out the flowers also see, South African BBQ curried lamb chops and shake off excess silica. Use a small paintbrush to remove any crystals or powder left on the flowers. consider, Plane Spotting - Aircraft Spotting

Remember: Now the dried flowers also look at, Touch Enamelling in Jewellery Making need to be kept airtight or they will attract moisture why not visit, Dowsing again and go limp. You also need to keep them out of direct sun why not visit, Collectible Classic Cars or their colours try, South African game recipe for wild Boar will bleach.

It may be a good idea to practice a little before trying to dry an absolutely treasured flower why not visit, Embroidery Materials (e.g. your wedding bouquet). Good luck with this pastime of nature have a look at, Indian Kite Festival & art and special memories.

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