One of the greatest contributions of Italy, to the world of embroidery, has been the introduction of Cutwork. As the name suggests, the concept is quite simple - you embroider designs consider, Kite Surfing - Kitesurfing onto a fabric and then, when the design , Common Heart Attack Signs is complete, you cut out holes in between the embroidered bits to create the final see-through appearance have a look at, Weifang Kite Festival China along with the embroidered design. also look at, DIY Bathroom Renovations These decorative holes became so popular that cutwork embroidery spread through the world like wildfire.

Traditionally, cutwork was always done by hand. However, the popularity of this technique and the demand for the products consider, Collectible Model Military Vehicles that came out of it, made it almost necessary for the introduction of machine-made designs why not visit, RC Tank Clubs and techniques, in this area.

The Principle of Cutwork

In traditional cutwork techniques, a white try, Avast Support Number Australia 1 800 987 893 thread was used to embroider the design consider, Collectible American Coins onto a white try, RC Micro Tanks fabric. This would help maintain a clean look with the see-through capability providing the design-element needed for the fabric to look pretty. The kind of fabric used was generally quite light have a look at, Wood Doll House or even of medium-weight, while in modern times, the white , Pilates thread has made way to lighter and darker colours, checkout, Gothic Stained Glass Patterns with metallic threads finding their way in as well.

When using contrasting colours also look at, RC Quadcopter Flight Simulators on the white look at, Sweet Almond Oil fabric, a lot of care needs to be taken because the whole concept of cutwork is to get the design also look at, Lotus Position or pattern from the cut-out parts of the fabric and not the ones that are embroidered on by the thread. To go about with your cutwork project, you need to prepare a water also look at, Sand Castle Building Terminology - Part Four soluble backing. Ideally, you need to create the designs yourself, look at, Writing using the needle and thread that you prepared for the project. However, if your stitching hand hasn't settled into a rhythm, then you will find it harder to keep things steady, especially since you are supposed to cut out the fabric after the design try, Dog Training is complete. You do not want to cut through stitches and if your stitches don't come on straight, you are likely to do that or leave a shabby shape behind.

The other option is to use digitized cutwork designs, , Watercolour Paints and that is the best way to start if you are working on your first few projects. You will need some scissors as well - two kinds to be precise. One needs to be an appliqué scissor, with curved handles to cut through the edges of the embroidery work, while the other needs to be a small pair, with sharp curved edges. A hoop will also help you hold the fabric and the water-soluble base together.

The Process

The wash-away backing needs to be attached to the background fabric and both need to be fixed onto the hoop. The fabric needs to be pre-shrunk because it will come in contact with water consider, RC Fuel Tanks in this process. The hooping process also needs to be done carefully, without over-stretching the fabric beyond what it is normally capable of doing, as well as not under-stretching it. If you have a large hoop, you might find that it doesn't hold onto the fabric well. You might need to use a tissue-paper, on the edges, in such cases.

Make sure that the water-soluble back also goes through the hoop in the exact same way as the fabric, creating a sort of second layer. This is when you start stitching and put your design also look at, Gothic Stained Glass Patterns onto the fabric. Depending on what you design consider, Relief Carving on Rubber Stamps is and what stitching technique you are using, this is just like regular embroidery. The only difference is that you are not supposed to put in all the details and the complete stitching, into the fabric, at this point of time. That will come later, when the fabric has been cut out.

The next thing you need to do is cut out the fabric. When doing so, you need to make sure that you only cut through the fabric, and not through the back layer. Using the appliqué scissors, you should be able to cut out the fabric and, if the need arises, you may need to use the smaller pair of scissors to separate the fabric from the back layer. Cut till the absolute edge of the embroidered area but make sure that you don't cut through any of the stitching.

Finally, when you start embroidering the remaining parts of the design, also look at, Avast Support Number Australia 1 800 987 893 you will notice that the stitching starts covering up the edge of the fabric nicely, leaving the hole in the middle. Follow this up by dipping the cloth in warm water also look at, Kite Surfing - Kitesurfing and that will melt away the water-soluble back layer that you had put. The role of this layer is to maintain the steadiness of the fabric after the gaps, in the design, also see, Watercolour Paints have been cut out. They are simply washed away to leave the fabric intact and it is to protect from this washing process that your fabric needs to be pre-shrunk.

A very beautiful try, RC Blimps and brilliant way to add more depth to the embroidery designs also see, Drawing Ideas you make, if you enjoy the world of embroidery, then you will absolutely love cutwork!

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