Cross Stitch

The cross stitch is one of the most popular techniques amongst embroidery stitching techniques. A simple-looking stitch, the cross stitch is in the shape of an "X", which when used in a tile why not visit, Vintage Robot Toys pattern or even in a raster-like sequence, can be used to create a beautiful design. , Link Index Footer One of the most popular designs look at, How to build or make Robots executed on aida cloth, the cross stitch is a subset of the counted thread stitching techniques.

Not to be confused with the stamped cross stitching technique, the counted cross stitching technique is one of the oldest forms of embroidery techniques. It requires the use of evenly woven fabrics and depending on the number of stitches you make per inch, your design try, The Great Debate: Buying a 3D Printer Vs Opting for 3D Printing Services! is categorized and differentiated from the others.

The Legacy of the Cross Stitch

Throughout Europe and Asia, the cross stitch technique has been around for centuries. The most common design also see, RC Engines that employed a cross stitch was the flower, try, Kite Parts with thousands of them showing up on the dresses of Victorian-era royals and more. Geometric patterns were also quite common and easy to make with this fantastic stitch, usually taking shape in the form of black or red cotton floss on off-white linen, otherwise known as Blackwork or Scarletwork. In the United States, cross stitching was around since the times of the pilgrims while the pioneer of the leviathan stitch, Loara Standish, was also known to use it extensively way back in the middle of the 17th century.

The things that we see today, i.e. multi-coloured patterns that look like paintings, consider, Knitting Socks are relatively recent developments that have come out of the Berlin wool work school, from the middle of the 19th century.

In the olden days, the cross stitch was quite popular in the decoration of dishcloths and linens that were normally used around the house. consider, DIY Bathroom Tiling A number of embroiders would also use it in doilies, although only the border would be embroidered for decoration. Modern day European wall-furnishings use a lot of these techniques to create decorative wall have a look at, Advertising Collectibles hangings.

Materials Used

The thread used most commonly in cross stitching is the cotton floss. Made of mercerized cotton, the cotton floss is nothing but a bunch of strands, usually six in number, that have been loosely twisted together until they can no longer be separated. Pearl cotton is also used quite commonly while something like the Danish flower , DIY Bathroom Tiling thread has also found its way into cross stitching. Silk and rayon are two more varieties that were used, traditionally, and are still quite popular for their shine and final appearance. checkout, Knitting Socks

It is not uncommon to find metallic threads in use for cross stitching while wool threads are also part of the special threads that one might come across. If you are looking to put on a few highlights or accentuate certain bits of the design, , Knitting Socks then this is surely one of the things that will get your job done. Alternately, you can also use something like hand-dyed floss that is specially meant for cross stitching. Because this floss is hand-dyed, there are colour try, DIY Bathroom Tiling variations along its length and that leads to a rather interesting finish on the final design. have a look at, Advanced Home-Chemistry Experiments You can find anything from a subtle variation in hue to a mountain of a difference.

You can even find versions of these hand-dyed threads that have more than one colour why not visit, Ceramic Pottery on them, giving you something even more special in terms of the final design. why not visit, Vintage Robot Toys


One of the places also look at, Hardware Collectibles where you will generally find cross stitches is in the world of dress-making in Palestine. It is a massive part of the Palestinian culture and is often mixed with other stitching techniques to create a more beautiful also see, Link Index Footer pattern. One-fourth, half and three-fourth stitches are used quite commonly with cross stitches while crewel embroidery is considered to be one of the most significant contributions that cross stitching has made to the world of embroidery.

The Assisi embroidery format is one of the most specialized forms of cross stitching that has survived throughout history. The Italians and Celts were also known to use this stitch quite regularly while the Ukrainians and Montenegrins weren't far behind either. While these combinations or versions are rarely used today, you will still find them popular in some pockets of embroiderers around the world.

Cross stitching, as a technique, is quite easy to learn and execute, while giving a beautiful , RC Robots for Sale pattern at the end of it all. Whether you are practicing Berlin wool work or petit point, you will find a heavy influence of cross stitching on everything you do. Today, cross stitching is becoming quite popular amongst the younger embroidery-enthusiasts. The post-modern technique is being used to create designs try, Modern Sculpting that are fusions of the traditional formats of this stitching technique, with some of the design checkout, RC Helicopters patterns of today. A technique that has lasted the test of time, cross stitch is often considered as the face of embroidery - new and old!

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