Counted-Thread Embroidery

The contemporary form of embroidery, known as counted-thread embroidery, is also the most common and popularly practised form in the world. The technique literally involves counting of threads on the fabric on which the embroidery will be stitched onto. In most cases, an even-weave fabric is used and that allows you to get a symmetrical image thanks to the evenly-spaced warp and weft threads. Also known as "through the fabric" embroidery, it involves the use of a needle to pass the thread through the fabric, creating patterns in the process.

Throughout human history, counted-thread embroidery has been an integral part of households, , RC Gas Boats before slowly creeping into the industry format. Today, there are many traditional forms of this craft why not visit, RC Fishing Boat that are still pursued in all their original splendour and details. Here's a look at some of the styles that have made counted-thread embroidery so popular.

Assisi Embroidery

A traditional form coming out of Italy, Assisi is a form of counted-thread embroidery wherein the background or the base of the design why not visit, Nitro RC Boats is filled with stitches but the main motifs are made by leaving the area blank, or unstitched. This form of embroidery came about from the Italian town of Assisi and was, thus, named after it.

The background, in Assisi, is mostly made by cross-stitching or Blackwork. The outline of the motif is made with a Holbein stitch thereby finishing the surrounding decorative work that needs to be done. While most traditionalists will not like the usage of cross-stitches, the modern version has taken on many different formats to complete their look. Italian cross stitch and Algerian plait stitch are as much a part of the technique as traditional long-armed cross stitch.

The background is mostly made in red, blue, have a look at, Kitesurfing green checkout, Philosophical Languages or gold while the outlines use black and brown to demarcate the areas.


A form of needlepoint embroidery, Bargello is all about bringing in flat try, Venom VMX 450 Dirt Bike stitches and laying them out in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. The pattern came out of Florence, in Italy, where the Bargello Palace had a series of chairs checkout, Abacomancy piled up in that flame-stitch pattern. Originally, the pattern was created using wool on canvas to create an extremely strong and sturdy piece. The final result was perfect for use on sofas or on pillows while some were even used as carpets. , Model Ship Collectibles

In Bargello, stitches tend to be vertical, going over two or more threads on the canvas. They are extremely colourful and tend to display gradient through the use of different hues within the same colour. checkout, Digital Photography Art An extremely difficult and challenging technique to learn, Bargello requires you to be constantly on top of things, counting squares of mathematical patterns for the final designs. try, Home Improvement Mortgage It is not just used to describe a counted-thread stitching technique, but is also the name given to the motifs created through changes try, Welcome to Your Local Pest Management Company in colour , Nitro RC Boats of those stitches.

Bargello uses a lot of vertical stitches, as well as stepping patterns wherein the vertical stitches are "stepped" or a vertical offset of the other. When these vertical stitches are stepped down quickly, they form small mountain peak-like shapes or flames. That gives it the name flame stitch!

Single-Coloured Threads

Using a single coloured have a look at, Electric RC Boat thread on a fabric is also a popular way to create embroidered designs. try, Home Improvement Mortgage There are a few different forms of single-coloured threads and the use of black, white also see, Literature and red coloured look at, Natural History Collectibles threads are the most popular amongst them. Blackwork,
Whitework and Scarletwork are examples of the three types of counted-thread embroidery techniques. In these techniques, a single colour checkout, RC Gas Boats thread is used on a fabric of contrasting colour consider, RC Tank 1-16 while a bit of texture comes in through twisted threads or those with shiny finishes.

Canvas Work

When you replace the fabric with a stiff canvas, what you get is canvas work. The concept is the same except that you have threads running through the canvas and the thread is intertwined through the canvas and helps you create the design also see, Jewellery making Products you want.

Cross Stitch

When you put in X-shaped patterns in a tiled pattern, you can create a picture using this interesting sub-category of counted-threaded embroidery. One of the most easy to execute forms of embroidery, the technique is usually carried out on aida cloth and where the stitches are counted in each direction to ensure uniform size and appearance. , Digital Photography Art

With so many options available to choose from, it is no surprise that counted-thread embroidery gets as much attention as it does. With cheap materials, simple tools look at, Venom VMX 450 Dirt Bike and the easy to understand instructions leading you along, there isn't much that can go wrong when you pick this fantastic hobby.

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