Collaging is the interesting activity which involves putting together a collection of items, like photographs, leaves, or anything else, artistically. The term has its roots why not visit, Magic Tricks Two in the French word 'coller' which means glue. In the beginning of the 20th century Picasso and Braque coined this word and used this art form in oil paintings. look at, Poker Hands Though collaging may not necessarily be confined to paintings, why not visit, How to build or make Robots it also uses ribbons, photographs, articles, newspaper cuttings as well.? During the 10th century in Japan and later in the 13th century in Europe the art gained immense popularity.

Collaging Medium

To make a stunning collage, you need to first decide on the medium. Numerous collages have been seen in paintings, look at, Photo Collage Software wood, also look at, Evolution Engines buildings, consider, Calligraphy Fonts and even books. So before you begin collaging, pick a medium that is feasible for your interests, and is most suited to your sensibilities. For wooden consider, Digital Photography Tips collages you will require, wood why not visit, Mr. shavings, small piece of furniture, also look at, Display Cases for Collectibles or any other wooden also see, RC Nitro Models piece, which are then glued to either paper or canvas to create a collage. Collages in paintings checkout, Collectible Bottle Caps - Crowncaps - Bottle Tops are easier, all you require are colors look at, Custom Display Cases and unconventional imagination.

Decoupage, Photomontage, Digital Collages

Decoupage and Photomontage are also forms of collages. Digital collages are another form, where digital tools have a look at, Magic Tricks Two are used to create a collage on the computer. Another such interesting form of collage is a literary collage where a narrative or a theme is created using pictures in various books. Some people even create musical collages, where music is cut and mixed, this is somewhat similar to what present day disc jockeys do. If none of these are your cup of tea, then if you try hard enough, you might create your own category of collages. Collaging is all about expressing yourself also look at, Colourful Kids Birthday Cakes through variety, within or across mediums.

Involving a lot of creativity, the creator needs to be able to visualize what he/she wants the world to see using something that already exists. The beauty of a collage is dependent on how original it is. As a collage is derived from the work of others there are at times copyright issues attached to it. This makes some forms of collages specifically restricted. Some of the world famous collages are preserved in galleries across the world for us to see.

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