Collage Art

Collage art is an interesting hobby and is practiced by many enthusiasts all over the world. Collage art is a composite art, which is created by combining substances such as paintings, have a look at, Mixed Media Collage bits and pieces of newspapers and magazines, wood also look at, Arcade Machine Collectibles scraps, photographs and pictures, and other unused items such as ribbons, buttons and stones, look at, Patchouli Oil all glued together on a base. Apart from creating your own collage art, you can also collect pieces of collage art made by experts in the field.

The term "collage", which is derived from the French word "coller", meaning "glue", was coined by two renowned artists, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in the early 20th century. Although the techniques of collage making became prevalent somewhere around 200 BC, it gained popularity much later, around the 13th and 14th centuries, when glimpses of the art form appeared for the first time in European cathedrals.

Collage art can be of many forms such as painting look at, DIY Concrete Design collage, photo and picture collage, wood try, Knitting Socks collage and decoupage. Pablo Picasso was supposedly the first to create painting also see, Mattel Collectibles collages out of his oil paintings why not visit, DIY Concrete Design and George Braque followed him by incorporating collage art in his charcoal paintings. also look at, Geofiction in Science Fiction You can either create a painting try, Knitting Socks collage by tearing your painting why not visit, South African BBQ chicken and veg into considerable pieces and then pasting them together to create an absolutely new composite form of painting also see, Doll House Set or by pasting newspaper clippings, pieces of photographs and pictures and bits of unused items on your collage art, to give it an innovative look.

Wood Collage, Photomontage, Picture Collages

Wood collage, in particular, became popular around the mid 20th century when Louise Nevelson created exquisite collage art using wood , Digital Collage scraps from barrels and furniture. try, Radio Controlled Racing Cars You can recreate this technique of collage art by collecting branches, logs, barks and sticks of various sizes and pasting them together on a canvas or a broad wooden why not visit, Divination board. Photomontage or picture collages were also created in the mid 20th century by cutting and pasting bits and pieces of photographs on a base. Nowadays, this type of collage can also be created digitally using photo editing software. Decoupage, on the other hand, is an interesting form of collage art, where a picture is pasted on another object for decoration. Usually, in decoupage, layers of pictures and glass consider, Geofiction in Science Fiction are used to give the painting checkout, Patchouli Oil a three dimensional effect.

Apart from this, you can collect various items of collage art either according to a particular theme or just based on your liking. Collage art can adorn almost any corner of your house. also look at, DIY Concrete Design You can collect different types of collage art based on basic materials used, such as painting, also see, CB Radio Mount wood, checkout, RC Boats photomontage and decoupage, to bring a taste of diversity to your collage. Moreover, you can choose among abstract and realistic art forms of collage, or from amongst various colour checkout, Collectible Medicine Bottles shades and texture of materials used.

Collage Art Websites

There are various websites where collage artists exhibit their art. You can either buy famous art works online consider, Guide to Geofiction from these websites or attend exhibitions of famous collage artists. In addition, you can also exhibit your collected collage art and invite other enthusiasts over to discuss the collection. Now, collected collage art may include your own creations as well, letting you enjoy the crowd's appreciation of your own creation alongside the works of popular artists.

It is also very important to take care of your collected pieces of collage art, so that they remain in perfect condition for many years. This is particularly important if you are planning to sell your collection some day. Buy some spray to protect the collage from insects keeping, though make sure that it doesn't harm the surface, colour, look at, Model Horse - Breyer - Collectibles paint look at, RC Nitro Jet Skis and glue of the art. It is advisable to frame the collages and if possible place try, DIY Bathroom Vent the art in a glass why not visit, Arcade Machine Collectibles cover to protect it from wearing away with age. Keep the collected collage art away from kids, pets, moisture look at, Collectible Medicine Bottles and direct sunlight. In case you are displaying collage art on your walls, consider, DIY Concrete Design make sure they are cleaned regularly.

Both collecting as well as creating collage art are fun hobbies. Look out for local consider, Bifolding Doors for Sale Online hobby clubs in your neighbourhood, in order to learn more about either creating or collecting collage art. Knowing the current trends is important if you are interested in either aspect of collage art.

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