CB Radio Code

CB Radio Code

Anyone who has watched a movie or television show about police officers has witnessed CB radio code. You know - the "Roger", "10-4", and "Copy, over" stuff cops say on the radio. This is nothing more than a popular shorthand form of communication that allows truckers, emergency consider, Bicycle Collectibles personnel, motorists, and others to send out information consider, Plastic Display Cases quickly. CB radio code is fun to learn and use and is a huge part of the CB radio culture. This guide to CB radio code will teach you the basics about using this 'language'.

CB Radio Code: Basic Words

CB radio code is built on one thing: brevity. Generally, CB radio users like to use one word or phrase to take the place why not visit, Plastic Display Cases of an entire sentence. It just saves , Painting time - plus, it cuts down on transmission time, which is critical in emergency also look at, Home Improvement Books situations.

Here are some basic words and their meanings:

"Roger" - This means that you understand and have heard the message.
"Wilco" - Mostly a military term, "wilco" is short for "Will comply".
"Copy" - The same as "roger". "I copy" means "I heard what you said."
"Over" - This term means that it is the other person's turn to talk.
"Out" - This is a typical signoff message.
"Break" - Used to interrupt a communication, usually with important news.

Numerical CB Radio Code

CB radio code is also expressed in numerical terms. Many of these are quite popular and have become part of mainstream English. "10-4", for example, means the same as "copy" (and is used by some to mean the same as "wilco"). Here are a few numerical codes and what they mean:
10-6: Busy, stand by
10-9: Repeat your message
10-10: Message complete, standing by
10-12: Careful; I have visitors
10-13: What are weather checkout, DIY Bathroom Floor Tiles and road conditions?
10-20: My location have a look at, Realistic Geofiction is...(As in, "What's your 20?" "My 20 is ___."
10-33: EMERGENCY TRAFFIC (This is used strictly for emergencies; see below)

Using a 10-33 CB Radio Code

The 10-33 code is reserved strictly for emergencies. also look at, Dolls House Wallpaper If you have an emergency look at, Collectible Record Players that requires assistance, here is the procedure:

1.Say "Break break" to interrupt current communication. Others will stop to listen.
2.Say, "10-33", followed by your location. try, Smartech RC Cars Be specific.
3.Give a brief description of the emergency. also look at, Dinky Diecast (Fire, criminal activity, accident, etc.)
4.Keep the line clear for any emergency also see, Sweet Milk Chocolate Cake responders to reply.

Learning CB radio code is a great way to immerse yourself have a look at, Coin collecting Software in the CB radio culture - and also make your communication much more enjoyable and efficient.

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