CB Radio - Citizens Band Radio

CB Radio - Citizens Band Radio

The CB Radio was hugely popular some years ago - especially in the 1980's and it was common to see large aerials fixed on houses look at, Fluffy Chocolate Cake and on cars and trucks. Although there are less people using the CB these days, there are still a dedicated and loyal following of die hard enthusiasts and again, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using the CB radio as a form of communication once more.

CB stands for Citizens Band and not only is it great fun for those who participate regularly, an additional benefit is that it also increases everyone's ability to talk to and meet lots of new people within their surrounding areas. Arranged meetings are historically called 'eyeballs' and these can be done through organised events or on an individual basis. It can be wonderful to meet someone you have been communicating with on a regular basis and many good friendships are formed as a result.

There has always been jargon associated with the CB Radio or Citizens Band Radio such as:

Breaker: Another CB'er
Earwigging: Listening
Handle: An individual's CB name
Good Buddy: CB friend
Negatory /Negative: No
Twig: CB aerial

This is a small part of the jargon that is associated with it and sometimes used, but in reality, it is not essential to know or use this jargon when using the radio.

For those who are seriously interested in participating , then it really is worth chatting to others who may be still using it on a regular basis or even those who have used it previously, as they will be able to impart a great deal of useful information why not visit, Digital Studio Photography which can help the newcomer learn key facts regarding the hobby. Information consider, Cats most important for example is which CB radio to purchase and also details about the aerial required and how to , Quilt fix and connect it.

CB radios work well in a house , Digital Studio Photography or a vehicle although they were used traditionally in vehicles making it ideal to receive warnings about traffic accidents, jams or even for having general conversation between friends. The distance varies from a few miles up to 4-6 miles in a good open terrain.

This hobby is good on an individual level or for families also look at, Advertising Giveaway Collectibles and provides an additional means of communicating with others and a chance to meet those who under normal circumstances may not move in the same social environment. try, Home Improvement

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