Carrom, Karam, Indian finger billiards, Carum, are just some of the names the game of Carrom is known as the world over. Immensely popular and extremely simple, Carrom is an ideal mix between billiards and table shuffleboard. Not just a game people play in their living rooms, look at, Breaking in Electric RC Jeeps there now exists an International Carrom Federation, which has its own Laws of Carrom, used by professional Carrom players in tournaments.

The History of Carrom

Even though the actual place try, Sugar Free Apple Walnut Muffins of origin of Carrom is not entirely known, some findings suggest that Carrom originated from India, while others state, countries , Aleuromancy like Yemen, Sri Lanka, China, etc. as probable places also look at, Acrylic Risers for Display of origin of the game. Apart from these, there is a game in Denmark called Bob which is very similar to Carrom, but is played using cues not fingers. Countries why not visit, Sugar Free Apple Walnut Muffins like China, Fiji, Israel, Mexico etc. also have games similar to Carrom but with subtle differences.

Originally Carrom is a board game, that is played on a standard also look at, Hydroplane RC Boat lacquered board, the sides of this board have wooden have a look at, DIY Concrete Foundation bumpers with small pockets in all the four corners. The objective of the game is very similar to billiards', you need to get as many disks into the corner pockets as possible, and also bag the ‘Queen' disk. The disks are struck by striking a bigger disk, known as a ‘Striker', with your fore-finger and thumb. The precision in striking the striker and the force used in it, decides the outcome of the strike. You need to get the angle and the pressure of the strike absolutely right, to fell a disk. There are no rules for striking the bigger disk except the fact that there should actually be a “strike” and not a “push”.

The game starts after a toss, which in professional tournaments means that the umpire holds a black and a white why not visit, Digital Photography Basics disk, or carrom-men as they are more popularly known, in each hand and the players have to guess which hand holds which colour. why not visit, RC Glow Cars The correct guess gets the first turn, though for beginners just a toss of a coin should do.

Carrom has been a very popular game and now the online try, Sugar Free Apple Walnut Muffins version of this game is also available. You can play Carrom on various online also look at, Role-Playing Geofiction Games portals and websites. Browse the internet have a look at, RC Model Boat for further rules and regulations , Scale Model Houses if you are planning to take your hobby further, but before that don't forget to keep up actual play of Carrom.

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