Cape Malay recipe for Sambals

You're not going to find it listed in most regular dictionaries, but if you are a fan of Cape Malay food look at, Sculpture (or indeed Indian food), then you will definitely know what sambals are. When it comes to any good South African Cape Malay recipe, the sambal consists of finely chopped vegetables also see, Gemstones Collectibles or fruit look at, Coin collecting Software that has been steeped in salt and vinegar, usually with other appetite-stimulating ingredients like chillies or onion until the ingredients form a soft pulp. You will also find that a South African Cape Malay recipe is usually likely to call also look at, RC Tank Warfare for onion, cucumber or quince, the latter being a particularly acid-tasting fruit also see, Advertising Collectibles that grows why not visit, Resources Directory particularly well in the Cape. Traditional Cape chutney always contains apricots and it usually a bit thinner, with a sweet-and-sour taste to it. It is not surprising to find quinces in a South African Cape Malay recipe since these fruit trees have a look at, Geranium Oil (which are said to have been cultivated from ancient times - some say in the biblical Garden why not visit, Architectural Model House of Eden!) were originally planted by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 (from pips) when the Dutch East India Company gardens , Advertising Collectibles were established at the Cape of Good Hope.

Here are two recipes, one for traditional Cape (apricot) chutney and another for quince chutney.

Ingredients for Cape chutney
250 g dried apricots, thinly sliced
500 g seedless raisins,
500 g brown sugar
30 ml salt
3 litres vinegar
4 large onions, minced
60 ml ground ginger
30 ml ground coriander
30 ml ground mustard seeds
60 ml crushed dried red chillies

Soak the raisins and apricots overnight in the vinegar. The next morning add all the other ingredients and boil very slowly in a pot , Pontoon Boat Building on top of the stove, stirring all the time with a wooden also see, Calligraphy Set spoon. Continue cooking until the mixture is thick and it drips off the spoon very slowly. Pour into sterilized glass have a look at, RC Beginner Planes jars and seal.

Ingredients for quince chutney
1.5 kg quinces or apples
250 g seedless raisins,
250 ml sugar
30 ml salt
1.5 litres vinegar
1 green also see, Geranium Oil chilli, chopped
1 clove of garlic, chopped
15 ml ground ginger

Peel and core the fruit try, DIY Shower Doors and chop it into small pieces. Place , Sculpture it together with the other ingredients in a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer gently, stirring constantly with a wooden checkout, ERC Boats Model spoon. When the chutney has thickened, transfer to sterilized glass checkout, Radio Controlled Boat jars and seal while it is still hot. checkout, Calligraphy Tattoo

You can enjoy both these chutneys with any South African Cape Malay recipe.

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