Cape Malay recipe for curried chicken

All meat can be curried, but chicken curry is a firm favourite and you will find that there is many a South African Cape Malay recipe for chicken stewed with a variety of spices. Quite how common chicken stews and curries were in the days of the early Cape Dutch settlers is not certain. Certainly they had poultry, since an early price list dating from the second half of the 17th century includes reference to hen, duck and goose eggs, as well as gull, cormorant and even penguin eggs. But only ducks, geese and peacock were listed as fowls for food. also look at, CB Radio Modifications Also, it has been recorded that in 1652, six months after Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape, he served officers leaving to return to Holland aboard the Goede Hoop a sumptuous dinner that included chicken, and lots of fresh produce from the Company's gardens: peas, spinach, asparagus, lettuce, chervil, parsley-like herbs also look at, Cooking - Recipes and more. Certainly many of the South African Cape Malay recipes for curry specify lamb, and to a lesser extent beef. This one, however, is a South African Cape Malay recipe formulated specifically for chicken.

1.5 kg chicken, cut into portions
2 large onions, thinly sliced
30 ml sunflower oil
5 cloves garlic, peeled
1 chunk fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
5 ml turmeric (borrie)
10 ml ground cumin (jeera)
10 ml ground coriander (koljander)
5 cardamom seeds
3 pieces stick cinnamon
5 ml chilli powder (or cayenne pepper)
5 whole cloves
10 ml salt
5 ml sugar
375 ml water
2 large ripe tomatoes, look at, CB Radio Equipment skinned, chopped and pureed
3 medium-sized potatoes, quartered

Braise the onion in oil in a saucepan until it is golden brown. This should take about 10 minutes. Add the chicken pieces to the onion. Use a mortar and pestle to pound the garlic and ginger to form a paste (or throw it into an electric have a look at, World War II Reenactments blender). Add this to the chicken, together with the rest of the spices and 125 ml of the water. look at, Cool RC Robots Mix and bring to the boil. Leave to simmer, covered, for about 20 minutes. Add the tomatoes also see, DIY Bathroom Sink and simmer for another 10 minutes. Add the rest of the water also see, Model Houses and the potatoes. Bring back to the boil and simmer for a further 10 to 15 minutes, until the potato has cooked through.

Serve with rice and chopped tomato, look at, Silver Bullion Collectibles green try, Cape Malay recipe for mutton curry pepper and onion (drizzled with black pepper look at, DIY Bathroom Sink and lemon juice) to make this a very special South African Cape Malay recipe.

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