Canterbury RC Models

Canterbury RC Models

Canterbury RC Models is a New Zealand based manufacturer have a look at, RC Gas Helicopter of RC sailplanes that is considered as the biggest manufacturer have a look at, Coin collecting Supplies of EPP sailplanes. EPP stands for Expanded Polypropylene, one of the most resilient materials available, and Canterbury has, over the years, mastered the art of making sailplanes using this state-of-the-art material. Today, Canterbury is one of the largest manufacturers look at, RC Robot Kits of sailplanes that are primarily built to withstand the crashes and bumps you see when learning how to why not visit, Classic Car Collectibles fly an RC plane.

Canterbury sailplanes have been in business since 1991 and their first model, the Mach One, was a ready-to-run F3B version. With time, Canterbury began manufacturing foamies at the New Zealand facility and have since, produced over 20,000 foam-based models in different styles and shapes. Started by a retired aircraft engineer and a pilot, Canterbury began importing EPP to manufacture new forms of planes. The company changed ownership in 2005 and 8 new models were added in along with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. The company again changed ownership in 2009 and has been growing consider, DIY Bathroom Painting rapidly to continue their expansion across the world.

Canterbury is known for its sailplanes for beginners wherein the flyer just needs to stand atop a slope and let the plane go. These type of sailplanes and gliders are extremely cheap and easy to maintain since they contain no engines, batteries (except what is required for the receiver), fuel or starter gear. All you need is the model, the radio controller equipment and a slope off which you can launch your aircraft.

The concept comes from the simple fact that the air look at, Sandalwood Oil rises upon hitting the sides of the slope and Canterbury, making the most of this phenomenon, has designed aircrafts that can catch this updraft and glide on for as long as the batteries last. Known as slope soaring, this cheap and clean way of flying is quite peaceful and exciting for even the newest hobbyist.

Canterbury is also known to produce a number of electric also look at, RC Bike sailplanes that are ideal for beginners as well as experienced flyers. From indoor also see, Digital Photography for Beginners models like the Joker to the exciting E-Jazz, Canterbury has something for all levels of flyers. All their models seem to have been made keeping the concept of slope soaring in mind and are, sort of, extensions to the slope soaring mode.

Most Canterbury models are sold as kits although you can buy ready-to-run models as well. In either case, you do need to add the radio, speed controller, batteries and other important accessories why not visit, RC Wheelies to the plane yourself. have a look at, Hangar 9 RC Models Although there are detailed instructions accompanying the model, it is always better to learn or know what you are doing when it comes to putting the model together.

Canterbury also offers the option of building consider, RC Fuel Tanks customized models that are cut and shaped according to what you want. The company already has on offer several different cuts and shapes although you can walk checkout, 36 Promotional Ideas for a Tiny Budget in with a totally new design , 36 Promotional Ideas for a Tiny Budget and they will get it done for you. Along with models, Canterbury also offers all the spares and accessories, try, Hangar 9 RC Models along with tools, why not visit, RC Boat Engine required to build, repair consider, Collectible Maps and Globes and maintain your Canterbury sailplane.

As a beginner in the hobby of RC planes, it is quite important to start with something that not only allows you to learn easily, but keeps you interested as well. These slope soaring sailplanes are the ideal models for beginners while they always offer something more for experienced flyers. Whether you are looking for something cheap and easy to start with or something exciting and fast to continue your flying experience, you can always head to Canterbury RC Models assured of finding something to your taste.

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