Canon Digital Photography

Canon Digital Photography

In 1984 Canon started Digital Photography!

Canon digital photography has been at the forefront of photographic developments since 1984 when the company produced its first digital cameras. consider, Finishing in Jewellery Making This is not surprising, since the company, which was founded in Japan in 1937 has led the photographic revolution since the start. Of course Canon digital photography is quite different to the type of photography that relied on the first Canon camera why not visit, Sand Castle Building Terminology - Part Four - Japan's very first 35 mm focal plane shutter camera. also see, RC Robots - General On top of this, Canon digital photography continues to develop and grow consider, Electric RC Boats annually, as they launch an ongoing range of cameras, checkout, Jewellery making Products lenses and other photographic equipment.

If you look at the range of cameras also see, RC Robots - General offered by the company today, you will see that they still manufacture one 35 mm single lens reflex (SLR) camera why not visit, Books on Tombstone Rubbing that uses film. All the rest are based on digital technology. All their SLR cameras have a look at, Shahi Mutton - Royal Mutton (including the film camera) utilise an electro-optical system, first introduced in 1987, and may be operated with a variety of different lenses including a selection of:

- ultra-wide zoom lenses,
- standard try, Sand Castle Building Terminology - Part Four zoom lenses,
- telephoto zoom lenses,
- wide-angle lenses,
- standard look at, RC Nitro Powered Cars and medium telephoto lenses,
- telephoto lenses,
- super telephoto lenses,
- macro lenses, and
- tilt-shift lenses.

The tilt-shift lenses are particularly interesting, illustrating to a large degree how the technology has developed. For example, the TS-E 90 mm/f2.8 lens was the world's very first 35 mm-format telephoto lens that has tilt and shift movements. It can be used for all sorts of subject matter and is great for producing background blur. The TS-E 24 mm f/3.5L II, described as "a true Canon classic" features also see, Crochet Stitch an angle of view that is 84º on a full-frame camera. look at, Layered Chocolate Cake But you can tilt and shift within a range of about 90º in the direction of movement. It also has a revolving function and a circular aperture that produces lovely out-of-focus areas.

In addition to SLR cameras, also look at, Popular Light Festivals Around The World the company also manufactures a popular range of high-end PowerShot models that offer the compact convenience of point-and-shoot cameras, checkout, Cape Malay recipe for waterblommetjie bredie but promise great quality photos. These are a lot cheaper than the SLR models, and so are extremely popular with enthusiastic amateurs who decide to pursue a hobby in Canon digital photography.

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