Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy pens are one of the major tools have a look at, Geocaching in practicing calligraphy, an art form which can be traced back to about 4000 years. It was with the advent of Western calligraphy that calligraphy pens became prevalent. Today, the traditional calligraphy pen has been replaced by a considerable range of modern calligraphic pens of different varieties.

The various Types of Calligraphy Pens

Before you begin calligraphy of your own, you need to get a basic idea of the various types of calligraphy pens available in the market. You can choose from any of the commonly used varieties such as Speedball, Marker pen and Cartridge pen. The Speedball pen is a modern version of a dip pen with its nib inserted into its handle. You need to dip your pen into the ink bottle while you are writing. Though this type of calligraphy pen is less expensive, it is not the ideal choice for novices, as it creates lack of consistency owing to variation of the thickness of ink and can also result in a messy workplace.

The calligraphy cartridge pen contains a cartridge, which needs to be refilled from time to time. While using this pen, you will get a smooth feel and your writing will have a consistent flow of ink, though buying and maintaining this pen is rather expensive. A calligraphy Marker, which comes with either single or double tipped nibs, is the perfect choice for your first calligraphy pen. It doesn't involve the hassle of dipping in ink. All you need is to be careful enough to put the cap back on the tip , Kite Building of the pen after use to prevent the ink from drying up.

It is absolutely necessary for you to take proper care of your calligraphy pen. After use, detachable nibs of the pens need to be removed and dipped in clear water. checkout, Sugar Free Honey Muffins The water , Home Brewing needs to changed at regular intervals till it becomes clear again.

Some popular makes of calligraphy pens include Faber, Scheaffer, Panche and Rotring. If you are planning on small initial investment, go for a less popular or local look at, Making a Doll brand of calligraphy pens. Search online checkout, Sugar Free English Muffins with Honey to find out a hobby club practicing calligraphy as this will help you practice. In case you need some assistance in buying your first calligraphy pen, walk have a look at, Coin collecting Values into your nearest stationary shop and ask the support staff there to help you out.

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