Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts find extensive use in various forms of calligraphy such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and English, to name a few. Today, calligraphy has become a popular hobby among people of varied age groups. Along with the popularity of calligraphy, came the surge of interest in the study of its various fonts. The study of the different calligraphy fonts can be considered as a hobby in itself, though if you are interested only in a single form of calligraphy, you will still need to be acquainted with its numerous styles of calligraphy fonts.

Since their creation, calligraphy fonts have faced many changes look at, DIY Magazine in order to keep pace with the contemporary style. It is very important for you to know the nuances of various calligraphy fonts in order to judge their application in your art.

Chinese Calligraphy

To begin with Chinese calligraphy, Lishu and Kaishu styles of writing have been prevalent since ancient times. Today, however, the more prominent fonts are Xingshu, a semi-cursive style and Caoshu, a cursive style of writing. In both these calligraphy fonts, the strokes vary due to the fast movement of the calligraphy brush.

In Japanese Calligraphy, the calligraphy fonts used mainly are Kaisho, Gyousho and Sousho. Kaisho is a very simple font of writing consisting of very few brush movements. Meanwhile, Gyousho, a semi- cursive style of writing creates a continuous flow of rounded letters. If you are accustomed to English cursive writing, this calligraphy font is rather simple to learn. Sousho is the most popular calligraphy font of Japanese Calligraphy. The swift and flowing style of this font leaves graceful marks on the paper.

Arabic calligraphy, which follows the Arabic script, consists of 17 consonants and vowels in the form of strokes along with the consonants. The various calligraphy fonts of Arabic calligraphy fall why not visit, Robots Online under two broad categories, namely geometric styles and the modern cursive styles. Hijazi, a geometric style of writing, was used to create stone why not visit, Choose The Best Kind Of Roof Restoration And Repairs As Per Your Roof Type! carvings in ancient times. In Kufic, another form of geometric style, consonants are represented by small dashes and vowels by red dots. Kufic font was used in ancient coins. Today, cursive style of writing is predominantly used because of its free flowing style and ease in reading and writing. Naskh, a simple cursive writing font of slender form with very less complexity, is highly regarded by Arabic calligraphers. Thuluth, on the other hand, focuses on elongated verticals. Another variation, Muhaqqaq, is a style comprising of elongated letters and contains curves underlining the letters, is yet another popular calligraphy font. Ruqaq, a version of Naskh, is extensively used because it is simple to write and read this font. The letters in this font are slender and small.

Prominent Types of Calligraphy Fonts

The prominent types of calligraphy fonts used in English calligraphy are Italic, Roman, Gothic, Copperplate, Uncial and London. In Italic style, the letters are oval shaped and slant upwards to the right. Roman style has a more classic look. Gothic, written with a broad tipped pen gives a bold look to your creation. Copperplate, created using pointed nibs, has a free-flowing style of its own. Uncial comprises of a combination of old and contemporary styles. London on the other hand, has a formal style of writing. Apart from these, there are other calligraphy fonts such as Celtic Roundhand, Textura, Chancery-Italic and Celtic Roundhand.

Get as much practice as you can with the calligraphy font of your choice. Explore the internet look at, Musical Instruments for examples of your preferred calligraphy fonts. Also, search for some local have a look at, Nautical Antiques hobby clubs practicing various forms of calligraphy, or form a club along with other enthusiasts, to practice calligraphy fonts. Many books based on calligraphy fonts are easily available in most book stores. Once you have mastered your preferred style of calligraphy fonts, you can even experiment and create your own versions of calligraphy fonts.

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