BNF Planes

BNF Planes are a unique brand of radio controlled airplanes created by Horizon Hobby. These models are simple, easy to put together and the best way for beginners to get into the radio controlled hobby scene. Built along the same lines as plug-and-play devices, BNF planes stand for Bind-and-Fly planes. A copyrighted style of model, BNF planes are there to make life simpler for those who are looking to get into the hobby!

For most of us, a hobby is a luxury! Even though we would all like to spend our time creating models and running them, other commitments do not allow us the time or space. To put together a model that requires a lot of assembly is not just hard, but requires a lot of time and experience. To reduce the amount of effort involved in creating and running RC planes, Horizon Hobby introduced their line of BNF planes.

However, unlike Ready-to-Fly (RTF) models that are sold without a transmitter, receiver and motor battery pack, the BNF planes come equipped with a 2.4GHz DSM2 technology compatible receiver. They are also pre-equipped with a battery pack, making them more user friendly than, even, RTF models. This makes these models ideal for newcomers to the hobby.

The 2.4GHz transmitters are a more popular format for the transformer today, being used widely across the world! That is also one of the primary reasons for the popularity of BNF aircraft.

Ease of use makes BNF planes extremely popular amongst kids and adults. They are ideal gifts, even for young children who are not able to handle difficult, complex models. Ready to fly in minutes, BNF planes are meant for those who have little or no experience in running or building look at, RC Crawler Crane RC flying models, but are interested in getting into the hobby.

By simply plugging in a tiny piece of equipment into the models, BNF planes become complete and are ready to be taken out to the park. No more waiting for endless periods, running through detailed manuals & diagrams, trying to figure out endless parts and combinations! It's all part of a simple process to create models that are fun, exciting and ready to fly in a jiffy - that's the world of RC BNF planes for you.

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