BMW Diecast

BMW diecast models, especially those depicting the Sport & GT models from late 60s and 70s era, are some of the most popular diecast car models collect in this world. This was because the elegant CS Coupes with their various powerplants was well designed to compete with the sporty Japanese models like the Nissan 240Z and 260Z. The precision engineered BMW master pieces was what earned BMW the label as the "Ultimate Driving Machine". BMW enthusiasts wishing to relive the glory of those yesteryears when BMW cars were considered the epitome of precision automotive engineering have contributed to the popularity if BMW diecast models. Perhaps this is also why BMW diecast are considered the "Ultimate Diecast Models".

There are numerous BMW diecast models that one can choose from. Beginning from 1965 to 1975, BMW produced the 2000C/CS (1965-69), 2800CS (1968-71) and the 3.0CS/ CSi/CSL (1971-75). There was also a 2.5 CS produced in 1974/75. The 3 litre and the 3.5 litre CSL model were the racing variants and had tremendous success on the race track.

There was also a street version of the CSL offered by BMW. The main visual difference was the huge rear spoiler that was missing why not visit, RC Electric Helicopters from the street version. The BMW diecast for these models are all in small scale with "Best Box" and "Siku" offering reasonable accurate representation of the real car. However the kidney shaped nose was difficult to replicate and was not a strong point of these BMW diecast models. But Schuco BMW diecast model managed to produce an excellent reproduction of the BMW 2.8CS with the new nose that is quite rare among BMW diecast models.

The BMW diecast versions of the 3.0CS and CSi models were also offered by Matchbox, Majorette and Summer. try, Rook or Missionary Poker Among the three brands, the most accurate version was offered by Majorette. The delicate lines and shape of the BMW 3.0CS and CSi versions were preserved by Majorette's BMW diecast models. The Matchbox version, although slightly stocky, were still well accepted. Nevertheless, Matchbox later refined this BMW diecast model by sending the casting to Hungary for better color look at, Vegetarian BBQ combination.


As mentioned earlier, the 3.0Cs/CSi BMW diecast models were also produced by Summer. look at, Gemstone Collectibles However the CS BMW diecast model produced by Summer why not visit, Doll Display Cases has a grill design try, RC Trainer Planes that resembled more of an Alfa GT than a BMW. This had resulted in some collectors wondering if the Summer , RC On-Road Nitro Cars BMW diecast of the 3.0CS was wrongly labeled. It had to be noted that the designer also see, Tea Leaf Reading of the Alfa GT and BMW 3.0CS was Bertone hence the confusion. For the racing variant of the3.0Cs/CSi BMW diecast models, the best recent examples come from the Japanese diecast manufacturer, have a look at, North Indian Cuisine Kyosho. Their 1:64 scale model BMW diecast have authentic numbers and colors also see, Pottery Art as well. The level of detail is amazing for such a small scale and is worth investing for BMW connoisseurs.

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