BBQ for Vegetarians

BBQ for Vegetarians

It is not difficult to make a BBQ for Vegetarians!

If you're planning a BBQ and have some vegetarian friends; don't despair! Here are some ideas for BBQ for vegetarians so that your friends don't feel left out.

One way is to invite your veggie friends to bring their own food checkout, Counted-Thread Embroidery to put on the BBQ and then on a side table make some simple salad also look at, RC Aircraft for them and others to help themselves to. Maybe put some hummous and corn consider, Electric RC chips out as well. If you are not sure if your friends are vegetarian or vegan (means they also avoid dairy, eggs etc) then put cheese and egg for sharing on a separate plate. A simple way can be to make one vegan, or vegetarian salad also look at, RC 2-3 Channel Radio and put a label on it and then that's clear and easy for everyone and you don't have to try and remember as you will be busy multi-tasking and hanging out with various types of food-loving guests.

When making BBQ for vegetarians remember that your veggie friends will probably appreciate it if you clean off any meat fat on the part of the BBQ that you are going to cook their food look at, Handheld CB Radios on. If you are using more than one grill, you could even give them a separate grill and make sure your meat-loving guests don't plonk their meat on it. Maybe write a colourful label that says 'vegetarian' on it. Keep it all light-hearted and relaxed. And remember your vegetarian guests will be used to all this so don't feel awkward.

To oil the grill for them you can put some olive oil, or vegetarian cooking oil, on a kitchen try, RC Big Cars towel and wipe it over the grill. You can also buy sprays of olive oil and mist that across the grill.

Read our article 'Vegetarian BBQ' for further food consider, RC 2-3 Channel Radio ideas.

Good luck with your BBQ for vegetarians! Relax, and enjoy.

Vegetarian BBQ

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