Baby Doll Making

Create a great companion for little kids by making a Baby Doll!

Baby doll making can be done using fabrics, plastic try, RC Model - General or even porcelain. Baby dolls have been popular as playthings for little children, as well as exquisite pieces for collectors. An equal number of enthusiasts indulge in baby doll making, as a means to connect to their inner child. But baby doll making need not be very difficult with many options available to make them in easy and fun ways.

Start out by gathering some skin-toned fabric, quilt batting, baby doll clothing, fabric paints, try, Shape Collage needle and threads, paper and pencil and scissors. Now the first thing you need to do is create a baby doll pattern on a piece of paper. You can either make one of your own or copy a premade pattern from either a book or from the Internet. try, RC Mini Cars Once you have the pattern, cut out the piece of paper, and place , Animals it on the skin-toned fabric.

Cut out two pieces of the fabric, and turn them inside have a look at, DIY Bathroom Toilet out before sewing them together. Be sure to leave ½ inch from the edges for seam allowances and leave some room also look at, Victorian Dolls House for the head, arms and legs to go in. Cut out fabric pieces for the arms and legs, and follow the same procedure, leaving room checkout, Sig RC Models for the stuffing. Turn the pieces the right side out and stuff the parts with quilt batting. Be sure the doll is well filled and there are no lumps anywhere.

The next step is to sew all the pieces of the doll together. Your baby doll is now ready to be clothed and painted. Since you are indulging in baby doll making, you will need to paint also look at, How to draw Portraits the doll's face accordingly. Go through some baby doll illustrations or pictures, and make the facial features checkout, DIY Bathroom Toilet similarly.

You can either sew tiny hair, with yarn or embroidery floss, onto the doll's head, but few babies have too much hair. Dress up your baby doll in baby clothes, and even make a baby blanket for your doll. You can always buy premade clothes for your doll, if you are not interested in making them yourself. consider, White Pottery You could also get additional accessories also see, How to draw Portraits such as a bib or a baby's hat for your doll, in order to complete the look.

A great way to make good baby dolls is to go through dolls made by popular doll makers. Go through some books such as Beautiful , Water Gardening Babies: The ART of Reborn Doll Making, by Michele Barrow-Belisle and Baby Muttons, by Kimberly Hattaway. A little research can go a long way in improving your skills consider, Home Brewing at baby doll making.

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