AeroSky C6

AeroSky C6

For those who love a heavy-duty radio controlled machine to do their bidding in the air, why not visit, Fighter Kites the RC Quadcopter AeroSky C6 is the machine of choice. There are plenty of reasons for picking this powerful machine and it is considered one of the most popular RC models available in stores today. If you are looking for a model that is fun, exciting and has a lot of power look at, English Calligraphy & agility, then the RC Quadcopter AeroSky C6 is the RC Quadcopter for you.

Features of the AeroSky C6
From the outset, the entire model looks the part - it has parts of its structure made out of carbon try, Famous Coin Collections fibre material, which may not be the same thing they use to make Formula One cars, but it comes pretty close and is, therefore, quite durable. The tubing and plates on the main structure are the parts made of this material while the main board is also made out of the, more-durable, PCB frame-board.

As a result, you get a lot of strength and durability when it comes to overall performance of the model. The battery pack and Electronic Speed Controllers have a relatively large space to sit in, making it easy for you to put things the way you want it. You don't have to squeeze parts in and most importantly, a part that has been placed slightly out of place checkout, Make a Collage doesn't force you to open up the entire set and put things back together again, with precision.

The machine comes with brushless Outrunner motors, each with 920KV capacity. Each motor is connected to a brushless 40 amp Electronic Speed Controller from Hobbywing Skywalker - another part guaranteed to perform under heavy duress. The load-bearing capabilities of these incredible parts ensure that you can easily carry up to 2.5lbs of payload on the AeroSky C6. That comes handy when you need to mount a camera also see, Water ​Storage Harvesting-Australian Tank onto the frame.

Finally, we come to the control boards and the AeroSky C6 comes with a MWC Flight Control Board that has a programmable board that you can connect to your computer via USB cables. The board has an MPU6050 Gyro and Accelerometer to maintain stability as well. All you need to fly it is a Li-Po battery charger and a computer to update your firmware. The model comes with a 6-channel radio transmitter and receiver to keep you connected to it at all times!

Flying the AeroSky C6
When you order the RC Quadcopter AeroSky C6 or buy it from a store, there is a possibility that it might come without an instructions booklet. Unfortunately, there was no manual or even a link to download one, which would tell us exactly how to have a look at, Radio Controlled Racing Cars go about flying this model. To top that, the AeroSky C6, its manufacturers have a look at, Traxxas claim, is designed to be a Ready-to-Fly model. However, many Chinese manufacturers, have a look at, Wellbeing including Xheli - the makers of the AeroSky C6, are known to be stingy when it comes to supplying supporting documentation.

That said, a simple search got us the documentation and we were able to put things together in no-time. The company itself responded well to the lack of documentation and sent one through as well, although we were already stocked up in that department by then. We still, however, got them to send one across just to see their response-times, which was quite admirable.

The yaw controller, we found out, was running counter-clockwise so that was something that had to be fixed. Most RC hobbyists might find this intimidating but this is just a part of spending time with your RC Quadcopter AeroSky C6 and simply working out the flaws and fixing them. Resetting the gyro and accelerometer ensures that you will have no issues with the yaw as such.

Overall, the AeroSky C6 has some minor issues, things that you cannot really do too much about except fix and move on. There are issues with the quality of the make, ill-fitting parts and some extremely basic errors like the motor brushing against its own casing. However, these are issues that you can solve either by bringing in new parts or by simply putting in a bit of time to set things right on your own. We wouldn't, however, recommend either line of action if you aren't familiar with RC Quadcopters, in general, and especially the part that involves working with the motor.

Overall, the flying experience was quite average compared to the amount of work that went into the AeroSky C6 to get it up and running.

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